18 Oct 12

Comments on Second Amendment issues and the current Presidential Campaign, from a correspondent:

“Neither party wants anything to do with this issue. It’s political poison that can only hurt them. They’re all terrified that it will cost more votes than it gains, no matter which side they take.

BHO has well noted the ‘lesson of 1994,’ when WJC’s gun-ban handed both houses of Congress over to Republicans for the next twelve years. He has even, doubtless with great difficulty, persuaded both WJC and HRC to shut-up about the subject, at least during the campaign.

Yes, he had to throw a small bone to rabid gun-haters in his base, cynically confident that the current, and any likely future, Congress will not pass such a law during his watch anyway.

In short, like nations, we don’t have ‘allies,’ and we don’t have ‘enemies.’ We have interests. And, we have to accept the fact that we may find friends is unexpected places, and that those claiming to be our ‘friends’ will invariably let us down, sooner or later.”

Comment: Freedom-loving among us must always be aware of the “… and shit tastes just like chocolate” political line. Pleasant-sounding euphemisms, like “common-sense legislation” and “they do it this way in Europe” unfailingly camouflage sinister plots for herding us all into concentration camps!

No matter whose lips from which such fraudulence emanates, we must fearlessly recognize it for the monstrous lie that it is.

“’History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak, nor timid”


I will add, “nor, the naive!”