15 Oct 12

In the UK recently, a “reformed” criminal, now professing to be a clergyman, said on BBC/TV:

“… people should just leave their homes and flee and allow burglars to take their stuff. By doing so, there will be no escalation of violence.”

Wow! At that rate, none of us need imagine we’ll have any “stuff” left to protect! And, this “clergyman” apparently thinks that burglars who express a desire to rape, molest, and murder householders who don’t evacuate fast enough should never be interfered with either.

Sensible commentators, who correctly point-out that anyone making such a suggestion is an imbecile, never, of course, are offered a microphone!

Any protective action taken by a frightened householder when confronting burglars, no matter how ineffective, is routinely described as “excessive” by media and government types who have never been in a real fight in their sheltered lives.

Marxism, in the UK and here, is an tyrannical, intolerant religion, masquerading as a political movement. Marxism is the driving force behind leftist politics, the kind that generates quotations such as the foregoing.

In the UK, and in many parts of the USA, there is only one “virtue” (in the minds of leftists), and that is “unconditional helplessness.” All who hesitate to agree are labeled heretics and immediately censured.

Individual freedom, individual enterprise, any kind of vigorous individualism, are poison to these people, and that is why their spokesmen so happily provide “advice” expressed in the quotation above.

Common sense and traditional values of Western Civilization have been driven into reconditeness. There are few defenders left!

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”