8 Oct 12

From a colleague:

“The Stoner platform has become the winner in American ambits. It may not be a particularly superior design, and it probably doesn’t fire the most desirable cartridge, but, for private citizens especially, it’s what’s most available and least likely to go away.

Kalashnikovs are fine, Niche weapons, such as SIG’s 556 rifles and the wonderful guns from Robinson Arms, are too, very nice. SCARs appear to be marvelous, as are PTRs, DAS/FALs, SA/M1As, et al. Gas-piston ARs may be catching on. So long as tactical weaponry and its supply chain are widely distributed, there is not much concern. But, when ownership and use become even more restricted than they are currently, then common sense and historical retrospection argue that 223 (5.56×45) ammunition and AR parts are still widely available. When one has to go to the subterranean economy for re-supply, it’s hard to argue that critical parts for rifles other than the AR will be glutting the market!

I’ve concluded that whatever rifle hooks your fancy, you should have at least one well-executed Stoner.”

Comment: Although I’m an enthusiastic fan of domestically manufactured guns, like the XCR, and new calibers, like the 6.8×43, my colleague’s point is difficult to refute.

The Detroit Police Officers’ Association is now warning all travelers to stay away from the City, admitting that they are no longer able to provide adequate protection. Many other metro areas (eg: Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Newark) are distressingly similar.

A lot is riding on next month’s election. I make no predictions, but, in any event, down here at the peon-level, we need to be prepared, in depth. Who don’t plan and prepare to win, won’t!

“It makes no difference what men think of war. War endures. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate Trade, awaiting its ultimate practitioner!”

Cormac McCarthy