31 Oct 12

Storm comments from a friend in northern NJ:

“We didn’t receive as much rain as had been predicted, but we got some real strong winds up here! Power is still out. Many trees and wires down. Roads blocked.

All that we go over in our Courses is unfolding, right before our eyes! The degree of unpreparedness on the part of most, the lack of foresight, lack of emergency planning is amazing indeed. Many are lost, literally!

NYC and NJ coastlines are in terrible shape! Here, the excitement is finding a gas-station that has
fuel. Lines are ridiculous!

The biggest inconvenience is not being able to take a shower!

A little preparation goes a long way!

More later.”

Comment: When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed. As individuals, we must courageously prepare for the inevitable fight for our lives. The alternative is to delude ourselves with wishful thinking and, in the end, resign ourselves to hopelessness.