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31 Aug 12 On 24 Aug 12, a lone murderer shot and killed his former boss in NYC, in front of the famous Empire State Building. Two NYPD officers responded and ultimately shot and killed the single suspect, using their Glock-19 pistols to fire a total of sixteen rounds. Both victim and perpetrator were DRT. […]

Once again, the “Silent Subject!”

31 Aug 12 Over the past few days, I’ve listened to many speeches at the just-concluded RNC in FL, at least the ones in prime-time, including the one delivered last night by the nominee, WMR. I was carefully attuned to even the slightest mention of the Second Amendment or gun rights. There was none! Apparently, […]

The last “Onion Field” perpetrator now dead!

29 Aug 12 The last “Onion Field” perpetrator now dead! In 1963, I was a high-school senior living in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton, and I well remember the dreadful event that would later be canonized in Joseph Wambaugh’s classic 1973 record, “The Onion Field.” Waumbaugh was uniquely qualified to comment, as he himself had […]

Tale of Two Ranges

28 Aug 12 Last weekend, on the East Coast, I ran an Urban Rifle Course for a group of students with whom I work periodically. A grand time was had by all, and I filled their young minds with radical nations, as always! The first day, we were at a typical “club” range complex that […]

Arguments for an empty chamber

23 Aug 12 Arguments for an empty chamber on pistols being carried for serious purposes: Several respondents have written with regard to my recent argument against the empty-chamber carry-condition for carry-pistols (“Amber,” or “Transport Mode”), the condition now being “allowed” for US troopers currently deployed in Afghanistan. I indicated this new policy actually represents an […]


22 Aug 12 Cor-Bon, a large and well-respected name in the serious ammunition business, maintains and runs a large and sophisticated training academy, including range complex, training staff, classrooms, Pro-shop, et al. Students include police and non-police. I am a guest instructor there on a regular basis, as are a number of my well-known colleagues. […]

Will they now admit their former policy was stupid?

20 Aug 12 An official “policy shift,” unfortunately coming too late for a host of murdered Americans, now allows our troops in Afghanistan to be “armed” all the time, even within the wire. Well sort of! Sadly, despite the fact that charged magazines are now allowed to be inserted into magazine wells of pistols (mostly […]

Sticky Problem!

14 Aug 12 Comments on the subject of “sanity:” “‘Sanity’ is a legal term, not a medical one. As a result of ‘mental illness or deficiency,’ is this person able to tell right from wrong, and able to control his behavior? Who can’t tell right from wrong, and/or know the difference but are unable to […]


11 Aug 12 This from a friend in the medical system: “Milos Forman’s 1975 feature film, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ starring Jack Nicholson, based on Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel of the same title, made a clever and passionate case against in-patient care for the chronically mentally-ill. That side of the argument eventually prevailed! […]

Church shootings? Nothing new

10 Aug 12 Church shootings? Nothing new: On Sunday, 30 June 1985, a deadly shooting rampage took place at the First Chinese Baptist Church, located in the Chinatown District of Los Angeles, CA. A disgruntled, former member of the church, armed with a handgun (1911) and several spare magazines, showed up just minutes before the […]

Guns in the Phillippines

9 Aug 12 Guns in the Phillippines, from a friend there: “Most M16s here were produced locally, years ago, under license from Colt. Nearly all are now decades old and have seen continuous, heavy use. Factory anodizing is nearly all worn off, and barrels are shot-out. Yet, when properly maintained, they still run well. I […]

From a friend in Israel

8 Aug 12 International trends, from a friend in Israel: “American-made M16s and variants are still the mainstay here, but our locally-made Tavor is now gradually replacing the M16, at least in our special-forces brigades. The bullpup Tavor Rifle (TAR21) is designed and manufactured by IMI (Israeli Military Industries). Until several years ago, rear echelons […]

Nasty confrontation avoided?

7 Aug 12 This from a student in the Midwest: “Yesterday evening, my wife and I were out on our usual evening walk. We live in a quiet, upscale, suburban neighborhood. Suddenly, a local taxicab came up behind us, beeped his horn, slowed to a stop, and, through the open passenger-side window, the driver asked, […]


6 Aug 12 This from an LEO friend: “In July of 1966, Richard Speck sexually assaulted and then, one by one, murdered eight student-nurses in their apartment in the Jeffrey Manor Neighborhood on Chicago’s south side. Speck, a weedy, unimposing, perpetually-unemployed loser, used a knife to intimidate and eventually murder all eight of his victims. […]

Sage comments from various correspondents

4 Aug 12 Sage comments from various correspondents: From WY: “‘Learned Helplessness’ is forcibly injected into the veins of every American child the moment he/she enters grade school! I recently consulted with a local school district on their ‘safety plan.’ In it, teachers are ordered to notify an administrator (one of only two or three) […]

Home Invasions?

3 Aug 12 I recently viewed a TV news program, emanating from the Chicago area, purporting to provide home-owners with sound advice with regard to home-invasions by VCAs. The “expert” they consulted mouthed perfectly the party-line. The “principles” promoted by these nanny-state Liberals never change: 1. You’re too stupid to own a gun! Daring, initiative, […]