22 Aug 12

Cor-Bon, a large and well-respected name in the serious ammunition business, maintains and runs a large and sophisticated training academy, including range complex, training staff, classrooms, Pro-shop, et al. Students include police and non-police. I am a guest instructor there on a regular basis, as are a number of my well-known colleagues. Training and manufacturing operations are all in Sturgis, SD.

Cor-Bon’s President and CEO, and my long-time friend, Peter Pi, Sr, has just informed me that he is looking for a person to fill the title of full-time “Academy Director.” I’ve know Pete for a long time. He is generous to a fault, courageous, dauntless, devoted to the advancement of our Art, and has scant tolerance for incompetence!

If you’re reading this, fill the bill, and are interested in this job, send your qualifications, history, schools/training attended, experience, salary/benefit requirements, references, et al to:


If you’re one of my students or instructors, let Pete know. If you’re wondering why I’m putting this out as a Quip, it is because I have a direct interest in the right person being selected for this position, as I will be working with him/her on a regular basis, and I sincerely want the Academy (CLETC) to continue to be widely successful!