6 Aug 12

This from an LEO friend:

“In July of 1966, Richard Speck sexually assaulted and then, one by one, murdered eight student-nurses in their apartment in the Jeffrey Manor Neighborhood on Chicago’s south side.

Speck, a weedy, unimposing, perpetually-unemployed loser, used a knife to intimidate and eventually murder all eight of his victims. Murder victims were individually stabbed, slashed, and strangled. The ninth, Cora Amurao, managed to hide and eventually escaped, unhurt, out of a bedroom window.

Speck was quickly identified as the sole suspect and arrested. He was subsequently tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. In 1971, the US Supreme Court reversed his death penalty, and he was re-sentenced to life imprisonment. He was denied parole multiple times and died in prison in 1991, of natural causes (heart attack), at the age of forty-nine.

In a prison interview, Speck’s only comment with regard to his victims, ‘… wasn’t their night.’

Currently, in our civilization, the concept that ‘evil’ is actually in the world and active in the hearts of many is too painful for many to confront. Rather than prepare to defend against it, the accepted strategy, enthusiastically promulgated by government at all levels, is to falsely minimize the risk, and simultaneously deny the typical level of brutality associated with evil men and their hideous crimes.

Like a bait-fish, we foolishly hope the marlin will just swim past us, because we are united in the feebleminded expectation that ‘good’ will somehow prevail, with no assistance from us. All, while secretly, hypocritically wishing, when the marlin rushes in, he’ll swallow someone else!

Worse, in order to excuse our own cowardice, we denigrate and ridicule those who are audacious enough, and prepared enough, to fight back. Somehow you are unsophisticated, and morally inferior, when you resist, particularly when you resist effectively!

Our civilization’s accepted (until recently!) response to counter evil is with legislation that is specifically designed to punish everyone who doesn’t commit crimes, legislation that strips good and decent people of virtually every effective option we have.

It’s akin to the childrens’ story, ‘The Kings New Clothes’, only we are the ones scantily-clad, with liberal politicians insisting we shed what little we are still wearing and become completely naked.”

Comment: “False security” is a redundancy! All “security” is false, and depending upon others to do what you ought to be doing yourself is the height of self-deception.

Personal, individual preparedness/alertness is the duty of every free citizen, even when Liberals besmirch it as not cool!

“… where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way in the dreary, desert-sand of dead habits… let my Country awake!”