28 Aug 12

Last weekend, on the East Coast, I ran an Urban Rifle Course for a group of students with whom I work periodically. A grand time was had by all, and I filled their young minds with radical nations, as always!

The first day, we were at a typical “club” range complex that caters almost exclusively to competitive/recreational shooters. In fact, several competitive events were taking place simultaneously on other parts of the compound. All there were obviously unaccustomed to people bearing arms and doing anything serious.

I knew I was in trouble when, as we entered the office building, we saw a sign that read:

“No weapons, open or concealed, allowed in building”

Makes me wonder why these people, who purport to support the Second Amendment, are so deathly afraid of guns, and so contemptuous of real Operators. Curiously, our host was himself wearing a 1911 pistol, openly. I didn’t ask him if his was loaded or not, nor why he apparently didn’t think his own rules applied to him.

I, of course, ignored the sign. I was carrying concealed, as were most of my students. Nothing was said to us, and I don’t think anyone there suspected we were all armed, nor did we broach the subject.

Once on our Range, I slung my BCM/AR, loaded, of course, and started setting up our first set of exercises. My students did the same. A range “official” came along and announced that I couldn’t have a magazine in my rifle. I responded that this had all been set-up ahead of time and that he needed to go back and confirm with our host, and that his “services” were not otherwise required. He left in a huff, and we didn’t see him again.

We proceeded with our drills for the balance of the day. We all stayed hot, and, of course, there were no NDs, nor other incidents, and we never left the range, except to access the port-a-potty.

Curiously, I was told neither I, nor my students, could leave our range, even to use the port-a-potty, while carrying loaded pistols. We, of course, ignored such a stupid “rule.” We just kept them all concealed, and no one said anything.

For one, I vehemently resent someone presuming to tell me that I can’t be personally armed, while simultaneously failing to guarantee my safety.

In any event, we finished our day, on schedule, and without compromise. However, our range host was livid!

He called me and my local coordinator in and told us he had observed that we were “unsafe.” I asked if he had personally witnessed any NDs, or even muzzles pointed in unsafe directions. Of course, he hadn’t, but he was sure our practice of keeping all guns, pistols and rifles, continuously loaded and ready was still “inherently unsafe,” all the while fondling his own 1911, in and out of the holster! Once again, their own blatant hypocrisy never dawns on these clowns.

Not wanting to get into a pissing contest, I told him I did not agree in the slightest and that I was sorry he felt the way he did, as there was no evidence that any of us were “unsafe,” and I reminded him that this had all been discussed in advance. But, I then assured him that he need not worry about ever seeing us, nor our business, again.

No harsh words were exchanged. We departed in peace, but we departed.

The second day, we went to a different local range. Arrangements had been hastily made by one of my well-connected students.

They were great! Devoted to serious training, rather than masturbation, the owner knew me and knew that my students were aspiring Operators, not self-aggrandizing wannabes. He showed us to our range, told me to get hold of him when we needed anything, but otherwise left us alone.

We had a wonderful day! We were shooting, moving, using cover, and remaining hot. This is the range we will use from now on!

After many years of training/consulting in the Art of serious, personal arms, I’ve run courses on lots of “club” ranges. Many such facilities, like the one described above, are governed by a “committee,” made up mostly of tottering alcoholics, who are deathly afraid of guns, Operators, and any species of serious training. Their interest extends only to quaint competitions and sterile recreation.

“Hot” ranges and continuously-armed Operators, who want to engage in serious training, simultaneously frighten and anger them. They’re convinced enforced helplessness somehow makes them far more “respectable” than us.

Their purported support of the Second Amendment is thus difficult to take seriously. To them, weapons are suitable only for recreation. They don’t even like the term, “weapon!” After years in the serious training business, I don’t like rubbing elbows with them. I’d rather spend my time among real Operators, and do!

“Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do”

Bruce Lee