4 Aug 12

Sage comments from various correspondents:

From WY:

“‘Learned Helplessness’ is forcibly injected into the veins of every American child the moment he/she enters grade school!

I recently consulted with a local school district on their ‘safety plan.’ In it, teachers are ordered to notify an administrator (one of only two or three) prior to placing any 911 call. When I asked them why, they replied, ‘… we don’t want false alarms from teachers.’

I pointed out to them that, under our state law, no person may interfere with another’s ability/desire to call for help. One of the department heads then asserted, ‘… we are a school, and we have the right control our staff.’ I flat-out replied that he may not prevent anyone from calling for help, under any circumstances, and, when he does, he will be arrested and charged!

The school district’s ‘legal staff’ was present and reluctantly confirmed the validity of what I was telling them. The mature response of this particular department head was to storm out of the room!

I continued with the observation that teachers are trusted with the future of children in their care, yet simultaneously can’t be trusted to recognize real danger?

They politely thanked my for my input and haven’t invited me back. I apparently told them what they did not want to hear!”

From UT:

“Last year, a local citizen was robbed at knife-point here in SLC. The citizen fought back, and drove off the robbers. He was unhurt and retained his valuables.

Of course, on the evening news a police spokesman, commenting on the incident, advised
everyone that, ‘…it is not wise to fight back against a criminal. Your wallet is not worth your life.’

Exactly one week later, another local citizen was also robbed at knife-point, and he took the police spokesman’s advice. By his own testimony, he offered no resistance and thus did his best to be a ‘good-little-victim,’ just as the PD suggested. He lost his wallet and was then stabbed multiple times. His life was miraculously saved via subsequent emergency surgery, but he suffered severe permanent disability and deformity, and is still recovering.

This same police spokesman was mysteriously unavailable for comment this time.

Imagine that!”

From TX:

“A widely-circulated instructional video, purporting to instruct ‘ordinary people’ about proper responses to an active shooter/murderer advises us to run, hide, and ‘fight.’ Yes, in this video, ‘fighting’ is ‘okay,’ just as long as it is never done effectively. So long as only ‘improvised’ weapons are used, ‘fighting’ is at least tolerable, but heaven forbid any of us mere mortals (aka American Citizens) would ever own, carry, or (perish the thought!) actually use a real ‘weapon,’ one that has at least some chance of success!”

My comment: If history has taught us anything, it is that government bureaucracies do only one thing well:

Promote themselves.

So, what kind of “advice” are we likely to get from them? What is the only advice we ever get from them?

The foregoing are all-too-typical examples.

No government agency will ever advise us to be individually well-prepared, well-armed, well-trained, alert, courageous, innovative, audacious, and fully prepared to unilaterally employ righteous force, even deadly force, in the legitimate defense of ourselves and those in our charge. Can you imagine something like that coming from the mouth of a typical politician or bureaucrat?

As my students hear from me constantly, your journey as a citizen, patriot, and Operator must begin with you audaciously, unapologetically claiming your own magnificence! After that, you won’t feel a need to ask anyone, in or out of government, permission to breath, live, make your own decisions, and protect yourself as necessary.

In America, we are sovereign citizens, not “subjects.” Can it be said that too many of us, in and out of government, have forgotten that, and have all-too-willingly exchanged our individual magnificence for a few cheap handouts and a pack of smooth lies from the lips of political gasbags who couldn’t care less?