31 Aug 12

Over the past few days, I’ve listened to many speeches at the just-concluded RNC in FL, at least the ones in prime-time, including the one delivered last night by the nominee, WMR.

I was carefully attuned to even the slightest mention of the Second Amendment or gun rights. There was none! Apparently, no one there wants to so much a breath a syllable (at least in public) about this subject.

Many other controversial subjects were openly advocated for, including right to life, but not this one, which is critical to so many of us. It may have been discussed, but apparently only in whispers!

WMR actually addressed, in person, the NRA Convention earlier this year (BHO did not). Once again, he was gracious, but didn’t say anything definitive. On his Web Page the issue is completely absent.

I suspect at the upcoming DNC, we’ll see pretty much the same thing. No one it seems, from either major political party, wants to touch this subject, at least during election season. Apparently, no one sees advocating for either side of this issue prior to the election as likely to be beneficial to them!

During his tenure, BHO has occasionally spoken out pointedly against gun rights. Before he was president, he was a good deal more frequent and acidly vociferous on the subject. Both he and the current Secretary of State have given at least lip-service in favor of the UN’s “Small Arms Treaty,” which would effectively eliminate the private ownership of guns in America.

However, so far, he hasn’t actually done anything, at least on the federal level. Many think he will make his move during his second term, if he gets it. If true, I suspect he’ll be mum on the subject until then, much like everyone else!

During what remains of the campaign season, will anyone pin these guys to the wall and force them to utter at least one, complete English sentence on this issue? Or, do we only get to find out their real dockets after the election?

Like most, I love flowery, clever speeches by sharp, good-looking people. But, I’ve grown weary of interminable bet-hedging, issue-dodging, subject-changing, and glittering phrases that say nothing, with regard to the issue of the continued private ownership of guns by American citizens.

As a voter, what I’d love to know is all the silent, inexplicit agendas. Agendas that, during the election season, both candidates will avoid like the plague. Agendas about which we apparently get to know nearly nothing, until after the election is over!

On this issue, there is frankly not much to recommend either candidate! Will either one give us honest cause to soften our opinion?

Not likely!