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These comments from a recent immigrant from SA

30 July 12 “Dignity of an Armed Citizen” RA Heinlein These comments from a recent immigrant from SA: “… as a proud American Citizen (by choice, not by birth) I want to shout a warning to all my countrymen: don’t allow erosion of our right to be privately, individually armed! I lived through this in […]

From a friend in the West Indies

27 July 12 From a friend in the West Indies: “Greetings from the warm, wild, wild West Indies. “As you know, we have some of the strictest gun laws under the US Flag. Mandatory jail-sentence of seven years for possession of an unlicensed firearm. Possession of ammunition, not on your license, evokes a similar state […]

Theater Shooting in CO

25 July 12 By this time, we’re all familiar with events of early Friday (20 July 12) in Aurora, CO. The suspect apparently purchased all guns and ammunition used, legally. He did not have enough of a criminal record, at least officially, to by rejected for purchase by NICS. However, a television interview with his […]

“Man plans, and God laughs”

19 July 12 “Man plans, and God laughs” In the last of his radio “Fireside Chats” of 1940, FDR coined a new phrase, “Arsenal of Democracy,” to describe the hysterical domestic military build-up, then going forward at a frenzied pace. War-fever had caught on! Hitler’s precipitous invasion of Poland a year earlier, and his U-Boats […]

Wrong direction

16 July 12 “Chance favors the prepared. Fortune, the bold. Providence, the audacious!” We’re going in the wrong direction: Wars can’t be successfully propagated exclusively with cantankerous, grumbling, Metamucil-swigging, easily-irritated codgers, so, as noted, we have to inject our years of experience directly into the blood of our current generation of heroic, young firebrands. “Readiness” […]

Are we training, or just pretending?

15 July 12 At a Defensive Handgun/Urban Rifle Program recently, one of my students was a strapping, young Marine E6 with a nearly a decade of active service. His learning attitude was excellent. He was there on his own dime, and anxious to learn everything he could. As a Marine Infantry Officer (Ret), I am […]

USMC BBQ, Loveland, CO, 28 July 12 (Sat)

14 July 12 USMC BBQ, Loveland, CO, 28 July 12 (Sat) My good friend and colleague, Bob Jensen, is hosting a BBQ at his shop (Jensen’s) in Loveland, on 28 July 12 (Sat). Proceeds benefit our Wounded Warrior Program. As a USMC Infantry Officer (Ret), three-times wounded myself (Vietnam), I appreciate what Bob is doing, […]

Premium ARs

14 July 12 I’ve written recently about utility ARs, most of which currently retail at 1k to 1.5k. Windham, and a few others (Palmetto, Del-Ton) come in below $800.00. I don’t have personal experience with all, but Windham’s version seems very acceptable. Friends tell me the other two mentioned above are acceptable also. I like […]

Blown Primers, Revisited

14 July 12 At an Urban Rifle Course in CO last week, one of my Instructors brought a Doublestar AR, which ran fine until the second day. Ammunition was WW White-Box. During a live-fire drill, the rifle’s bolt-carrier stuck in its retracted position, within the buffer-tube. No amount of coaxing persuaded it to resume normal […]

Windham Weaponry

13 July 12 Windham Weaponry: I don’t endorse products, but I do recommend some. Since I have no financial connection with any gun company, nor any ammunition company, I’m free to say terrible things about any of them! Of all companies currently manufacturing utility ARs, or at least putting them together under their name, I’ve […]

DHS “study”

5 July 12 “True literature… is created, not by diligent and trustworthy officials, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels, and skeptics” Zamyatin A curious “study,” funded by DHS, now labels all Americans who are “suspicious of centralized federal authority,” or “reverent of individual liberty” as terrorists! It is not surprising that such government-funded “studies,” […]

From a friend in the System

2 July 12 From a friend in the System: “The only real purpose of ‘Fast and Furious,’ now altogether discredited, was to fraudulently vilify honest American gun-owners and retailers, with, of course, all-too-enthusiastic cheerleading on the part of the Administration’s media lackeys. Leftist politicians dependably single-out for punishment constituencies who do not support them politically. […]

Fearful “Protectors?”

1 July 12 Armed, US Border Patrol Agents are now being ordered by Janet N at DHS, and by proxy BHO himself, when encountering “active shooters,” to: “… run away and hide” “… call law enforcement” Since there is no such thing as organized, political terrorism in Janet’s world, only “workplace violence,” even police are […]