27 July 12

From a friend in the West Indies:

“Greetings from the warm, wild, wild West Indies.

“As you know, we have some of the strictest gun laws under the US Flag. Mandatory jail-sentence of seven years for possession of an unlicensed firearm. Possession of ammunition, not on your license, evokes a similar state response. All firearm serial numbers and calibers are listed on your specific permit. We are restricted to one or two firearms, pistol or shotgun caliber only, per household.

The process requires that you show proof of training, local police report, fingerprint cards, request letter, application, three notarized letters of recommendation, three forms of ID, four passport photos , as well as a 4473 and NICS check, and six months of patience.

It is much like South Africa’s system, and our results are similar to SA’s too!
With all the above in place, you might find it curious that we have more illegal firearms in circulation than legal ones, and, despite all the king’s horses and men, the situation gets worse by the month! No AK-47 rifles have ever been registered here, yet 7.62 x 39 casings are found at countless crime scenes.

Anyone interested in restrictive gun laws should take a hard look at our Territory as a case study.”

Comment: I surely agree, but how much logic can one expect from a civilization where a retired NYPD Police Detective was recently awarded a 4.5 million-dollar settlement from a NY jury (against the City of NY), because he accidentally shot himself while leaning back in a chair. The jury found the chair in question to be “defective.”

Great civilizations are rarely “conquered.” They invariably commit suicide!