13 July 12

Windham Weaponry:

I don’t endorse products, but I do recommend some. Since I have no financial connection with any gun company, nor any ammunition company, I’m free to say terrible things about any of them!

Of all companies currently manufacturing utility ARs, or at least putting them together under their name, I’ve had good experience with:

BCM, RRA, DSA, S&W, Doublestar, DLS, LMT and a few others.

For an “Operator-grade” AR by any of the above manufacturers, floor-price has been 1k for at least the past twelve months. Who paid less for a new rifle ended up with a “hobby-grade” gun, not worthy of serious consideration.

Now comes Windham Weaponry, of Windham, ME. They are a break-off from Bushmaster (which is currently not on my “Recommended List”), and their HBC rifle is fully Operator-grade, but retails for under $800.00. And, Windham’s customer service is top-drawer.

I handled a copy today at Jensen Arms in Loveland, CO. Excellent barrel, well put together, and the retail price was $770.00. They had one copy in the store that arrived yesterday, and, during the time I was there, it sold!

I can comfortable add Windham to my Recommend List. When you need a solid, Operator-grade, utility AR, and can find a copy, pick it up while you can!