1 July 12

Armed, US Border Patrol Agents are now being ordered by Janet N at DHS, and by proxy BHO himself, when encountering “active shooters,” to:

“… run away and hide”
“… call law enforcement”

Since there is no such thing as organized, political terrorism in Janet’s world, only “workplace violence,” even police are now required to cower in fear and “call the police!”

And, they’re saying it all with a straight face! It looks as if armed citizens now are the only ones “authorized” to confront violent terrorists with force.

We’re on our own!

“When an owl shows up at the mouse picnic, he’s probably not there for the sack-races.”

“Polish Proverbs” from Thomas Banacek (played by George Peppard) in the 1972-74 NBC television series, “Banacek”