25 July 12

By this time, we’re all familiar with events of early Friday (20 July 12) in Aurora, CO.

The suspect apparently purchased all guns and ammunition used, legally. He did not have enough of a criminal record, at least officially, to by rejected for purchase by NICS. However, a television interview with his mother revealed that his grievous mental issues were well known within his own family.

Many other details are yet to be discovered, but the subject of this Quip is the reaction of the media.

I watched FOX News last night, where a normally conservative correspondent proposed a new federal law that would require purchases of all “heavy” weapons be reported to the FBI. His guest retorted that, had such laws been in place, they would have had no effect of the incident in question, as the suspect was not on any “watch list.”.

But, that didn’t seem to matter!

This reporter kept talking about “machine-guns,” “howitzers,” “mortars,” et al. His guest, once again, pointed out that none of these weapons were involved in the incident in question.

Again, logical answers to this reporter’s rant had no discernable effect!

This reporter just “doesn’t like guns,” and no enlightened, productive discussion with him on this subject is possible.

And, like the rest of the anti-gun crowd in general, he:

1) Never gets specific
2) Never has his facts/terms right
3) Has never studied guns, their history and their use in America, to any degree. He doesn’t want to listen to us, so never has an opportunity to see, nor sympathize with, any part of our point of view.

I expect we’ll hear more of these silly proposals, but “gun-control,” a fraudulent front-term for the absolute elimination of the private ownership of guns in America, has become the third-rail of American politics. Americans now know that “gun-control” is forced gun-confiscation, and nothing less.

Privately-owned guns are a wonderful, American tradition. They thwart crime every minute. Without that tradition, we would be little more than just another European weenie-state.