30 July 12

“Dignity of an Armed Citizen”

RA Heinlein

These comments from a recent immigrant from SA:

“… as a proud American Citizen (by choice, not by birth) I want to shout a warning to all my countrymen: don’t allow erosion of our right to be privately, individually armed!

I lived through this in South Africa. Gun rights were rapidly eroded while I watched. The result was a literal explosion of violent crime. Countless among the disarmed were (and continue to be) brutally victimized, with the government endlessly dithering, but doing nothing effective.

It got so bad, I voluntarily, and tearfully, left the country that had been the only home I had ever known, and my family’s home for generations. I moved my family over here and, with precious little to my name, started all over. I know now what it must have been like for Jewish families living in Germany in the 1930s!

Many others among my former countrymen fled here too, as well as to Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. South Africa lost, and continues to lose, all the decent, good, and productive people it cannot afford to lose!

Now, with dread, I’m seeing the same thing here! Naive, frightened Americans, too ready to give up their rights as sovereign citizens, and become de-facto slaves… all in exchange for the cynical illusion of “security” and a few pathetic government handouts.

We’re in the fight of our lives!”


In this Country, we’ve always relied upon ourselves, trusting in the same, unchanging Judeo/Christian values that our Founders did. Until recently, those values were unapologetically taught in homes and schools. The development of righteous character in every citizen was ever the goal.

Now, it seems, we’re confused! Even among elected politicians, “character” doesn’t matter, at least we’re so assured by smooth-talking, leftist ideologues.

It represents enormous conceit for any of us to imagine we have the ability to “correct” someone’s tenancy toward criminal behavior, particularly when we can’t even clearly define “criminal” any more. There is no psycho/legislative alchemy through which we get golden conduct from leaden character.

God alone “corrects,” or doesn’t!”

Comment: In the interim, having the ability to effectively, unilaterally, gallantly defend oneself from criminal attack is the most important personal freedom we have. We must defend it above all others.