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Political content

31 Mar 12 In my Classes I do my best not to include political, nor religious, persuasive content. I surely have strong opinions in both categories, but that is not what my students come to me to hear about. I welcome to my classes all good and decent people, and I have serious students from […]

Revolt in IL! This from a friend in Chicago

30 Mar 12 “Nearly everyone outside Cook County, and most inside Cook County, are unhappy with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his radical liberal/leftist political machine, particularly his anti-gun agenda. Now, some audacious souls are actually stepping off the ‘Plantation!’ Downstate Democrats are breaking with the Chicago political machine and siding with concealed-carry advocates on the […]

Pump-shotgun over-bite

28 Mar 12 At a Defensive Shotgun Course last weekend, a student brought a Mossberg 590. The factory forend had been replaced with an after-market one that featured rails on all three sides. To the bottom rail, the student had attached a vertical forend. The gun ran fine, but the vertical forend broke-off within fifty […]

The Balloon Corps!

27 Mar 12 Then President Lincoln counted on two factors in his unshakable commitment to winning the Civil War and reuniting the Union: (1) superiority in numbers, and (2) technology. He had, at the beginning, badly underestimated Confederate resolve, as had nearly everyone else. Now, his goal was to bring to War to a successful […]

Comments on gun-accidents, from a friend and colleague

26 Mar 12 Comments on gun-accidents, from a friend and colleague: “People of otherwise-normal intelligence consistently fail to recognize that guns are symbolizations of power, but not magic charms. They’re just an extension of whomever holds them, powerless to initiate any act by themselves. Many thus look upon guns as a useful mediator, but miss […]

Gun Accidents

22 Mar 12 An injury-accident occurred in TX earlier this week, within a county whose sheriff’s department we’ve worked with on several occasions. On company property, a warehouse worker was carelessly showing a newly-purchased Taurus 1911 (45ACP) Pistol to another worker. As the result of a subsequent ND, a single bullet (WW SXT) passed through […]

Home Security

19 Mar 12 In Denver, CO there have recently been a series of sexual assaults upon women. Attacks have taken place within the victim’s own dwelling, mostly during late evening. Police believe a single individual is responsible. Of great concern to us is that all attacks share one common motif: Doors where the suspect made […]

Concealed Carry Options for Women

15 Mar 12 Concealed Carry Options for Women: Our female colleagues experience more formidable challenges when selecting concealed-carry options than do most men. A “loose,” even “baggy” look is of scant concern to many men, so getting a concealed, full-sized pistol onto their waistband, in a holster (external or IWB), under a vest or similar […]

Comments from a reconstructive investigator and friend

14 Mar 12 Comments from a reconstructive investigator and friend: “My work in reconstructing domestic shooting (non-accident) events has lead me to these conclusions: 1) VCAs (Violent Criminal Actors) who ply their trade with the expectation of encountering a significant ‘fight’ represent a minuscule minority. The vast majority are simply looking for an easy score […]

Two-Tone NP3!

9 Mar 12 While pig-hunting late one afternoon last fall with her M1 Carbine, one of Vicki’s shots was delayed, because the sun, directly behind her, glared off her Carbine’s op-rod and bolt-handle, obscuring her rear sight. Not thus being able to see her rear peep, she moved her head around in a frantic attempt […]

Incarceration, a great service to our civilization

9 Mar 12 A friend and metro police chief reminds us of this: “There is another chart that matches well with current declining crime rates, and that is the one depicting increasing incarceration rates! While Liberals whine incessantly about the large number of their voters we have behind bars (as the productive among us simultaneously […]

The worm that destroys

8 Mar 12 “The worm that destroys is the temptation to seek approval from your critics.” Crime, particularly violent crime, is down, and continues to decline: And, the decline is exactly parallel with a steady increase in gun-ownership by Americans, as well as “shall-issue” concealed-carry laws passed in the vast majority of states. In fact, […]

Patrol Rifle

7 Mar 12 I worked with a rural, TX Sheriff’s Department yesterday. Curriculum was “Patrol Rifle and Patrol Vehicles.” We spent the day confirming zero, then practicing rifle/handgun transition, close-range shooting, and exiting/fighting from patrol vehicles. The Sheriff is a long-time friend, and he had equipped his officers well. All had department-issued ARs, mostly LMTs, […]

Liberal commentary

5 Mar 12 Spoken like a true Liberal! These recent comments, apparently with a straight face, from the current Deputy Mayor for DC, all the while, of course, safe and secure behind his heavily-armed gaggle of taxpayer-funded bodyguards: “The problem is, if you are armed, it escalates the situation… it is much better, in my […]