14 Mar 12

Comments from a reconstructive investigator and friend:

“My work in reconstructing domestic shooting (non-accident) events has lead me to these conclusions:

1) VCAs (Violent Criminal Actors) who ply their trade with the expectation of encountering a significant ‘fight’ represent a minuscule minority. The vast majority are simply looking for an easy score with minimal expose to risk.

2) When substantial resistance, particularly gunfire, emanates from an unexpected source (the intended victim), nearly all VCAs voluntarily disengage immediately and run away, having no interest in any kind of ‘fight.’

3) VCAs who do not immediately disengage upon encountering substantial resistance, and, in fact, close with you while under fire, are unbalanced, or are willing to make ‘the wager.’ They are willing to risk life and limb for a chance to murder you. At that moment, you will call his bluff, or not!

4) The best evidence that a person is fundamentally unwilling to employ lethal force in calling such bluffs is his self-deceptive belief in a talisman. He will try to convince himself that, by sole virtue of the fact that he is carrying a particular gun or ammunition, he will merely have to waive it in the face of evil spirits to make them go away. Such talismen take many forms, and the naive commonly carry several. The naive are thus ‘safe’ only so long as their theory remains untested!

Comment: The “Talisman Theory” of self-defense is akin to cheap insurance. It “works” just fine, until you have a claim!

“You always said
The cards would never do you wrong
The trick you said
Was never play the game too long
A gambler’s share
The only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff you couldn’t fake”

From “You’re Still the Same,” music and lyrics by Bob Seger, 1978