9 Mar 12

While pig-hunting late one afternoon last fall with her M1 Carbine, one of Vicki’s shots was delayed, because the sun, directly behind her, glared off her Carbine’s op-rod and bolt-handle, obscuring her rear sight.

Not thus being able to see her rear peep, she moved her head around in a frantic attempt to align sights and acquire a sight picture. The delay resulted in a close (albeit ultimately successful) encounter with a tempestuous pig!

Several years ago, I asked my friend, Robbie Barrkman, at ROBAR, to apply his famous “ROGONPTI” (for “RoGuard on the Outside, NP3 on the Inside,” pronounced “Rogatti”) Treatment to Vicki’s Carbine. Externals are coated with Robbie’s hard polymer, called RoGuard. Internals are all treated with Robbie’s famous metallic/Teflon coating, called NP3. It is a wonderful system. I highly recommend it and have a number of my rifles and shotguns also so treated.

On Vicki’s Carbine, “internals” included the op-rod. NP3 comes out a grey/silver color. RoGuard can be any color, but is usually black. The grey/silver surface is what generated the glare problem.

After the pig incident, I called Robbie and asked what we could do about the glare off the Carbine’s NP3’ed op-rod and bolt handle. He asked me to send it to him.

I just received it back today, and the offending surfaces, while still NP3’ed, now have a non-glare black/grey color.

Problem solved!

I asked Robbie if his two-tone NP3 is currently available, and he replied, “It is now!”

So, when you’re considering having a gun NP3’ed, or Rogattied, the NP3’ed parts can now be two-tone, as necessary.

Robbie runs the place, and he knows what he is doing!