8 Mar 12

“The worm that destroys is the temptation to seek approval from your critics.”

Crime, particularly violent crime, is down, and continues to decline:

And, the decline is exactly parallel with a steady increase in gun-ownership by Americans, as well as “shall-issue” concealed-carry laws passed in the vast majority of states. In fact, the only places violent crime is not falling, and is actually increasing, are states and metro-areas where gun-ownership is virtually prohibited.

Conversely, levels of violent crime consistently exhibit a non-relationship with economics, poverty, inflation, unemployment, et al. In fact, violent crime stubbornly continues to decline in spite of current economic declivity and uncertainly.

Of course, the rotting conventional media considers this all bad news, because they want, and have always wanted (and have always actively lobbied for), a permanent end to the private ownership of guns.

The private ownership of guns by Americans was a backwater issue for decades. Now, it is among major issues and, although the media enforces an embargo on all stories about political victories on the pro-gun side, or that portray guns in any kind of positive manner, the truth always makes its way into the light of day through alterative channels. The liberal-dominated media can no longer enforce its monopoly on, and censorship of, information.

In addition, those of us on the pro-gun side are no longer naive pawns. We are informed, alert, organized, connected, and politically active. We are eminently familiar with all the tired lies and double-talk gun-phobes have repeatedly employed for decades. We also know about their phoney “studies” and laughable emotional “logic,” and we’re fully prepared to blunt it all, decisively and incontrovertibly.

The conventional media is progressively rotting away, hopelessly infected with the deadly disease of agenda-driven irrelevance. Fewer and fewer of us pay any attention to them. They piously decry honest wealth, while hiding their own. Likewise, they so pseudo-sanctimoniously condemn gun-owning American citizens, while hiring (for themselves) heavily-armed bodyguards by the busload! How can they hope to retain credibility while practicing such conspicuous hypocrisy?

Today, every anti-gun leftist in Congress, who would love nothing better than to introduce new, extreme anti-gun legislation, is, currently at least, grudgingly holding his peace, because they all know such proposals are unpopular, sincere efforts of their media apologists/collaborators not withstanding. Most of all, they’re afraid of us.

We must keep it that way!

“You probably have some habit or practice that I would find disgusting. When your actions do not affect me, I will leave you in peace, especially when I know as little about the subject as you obviously do about firearms. I ask of you the same courtesy. I have owned and born firearms my entire life. I neither owe, nor offer, an apology. In addition, I resent being beaten with the same stick as with real criminals should be beaten, and are not.”

J Cooper