26 Mar 12

Comments on gun-accidents, from a friend and colleague:

“People of otherwise-normal intelligence consistently fail to recognize that guns are symbolizations of power, but not magic charms. They’re just an extension of whomever holds them, powerless to initiate any act by themselves.

Many thus look upon guns as a useful mediator, but miss all the evolutions that grow from that. They ‘take-up the gun,’ but don’t take-up the Lifestyle, philosophical overlay, and world-view that logically attaches. Then, when the predictably catastrophe comes about, we who do own the Lifestyle are wantonly criticized by the naive and uninitiated.

Ninety percent of what’s needed to ‘go armed’ is intellectual and philosophical, yet the ‘armed-lifestyle’ is rarely even mentioned, much less discussed in depth, at most CCW Courses, nor within the pages of owner’s manuals supplied by gun-manufacturers.

All that is routinely missed, and we have the avoidable mess you described.

‘Common sense’ is not common!”


“A wise man never attempts to warm himself in front of a picture of a fire!”

From “Polish Proverbs” of Thomas Banacek (played by George Peppard) in the 1972-74 NBC television series, “Banacek”