3 Mar 14

Comments on the Ukraine, from friend in the UK:

“Reactions of world ‘leaders:’

BHO- Hollow rhetoric. Sounds like a loser at poker trying pitifully to rationalize his weak play. Before long, I’m sure we’ll hear about ‘… peace in our time!’

David C- Subtle (albeit empty) threats, also absurd. Currently, the UK couldn’t fight its way out of a paper bag!

Vlad P- Silent, calculating, and competent. He was, after all, the KGB boss in Eastern Germany for many years. He knows weakness when he smells it!

So, our fortunes and future are in the hands of incapable amateurs whose impotence is exceeded only by their vanity.

Is this scary, or what?”

Comment: Welcome to Western “Civilization!”

“Some follow me because I’m king. Others, because I have power. But most follow me simply because they follow anything that moves!”

Henry the VIII (played by Robert Shaw) to Sir Thomas More (played by Robert Scofield), in the 1966 feature film, “A Man For All Seasons”