28 Nov 16

Here we go again!

ISIS has been advising prospective recruits to emulate the successful “Paris Truck-Rammer Incident” by using motor vehicles to run-over unaware infidels. It is almost a daily occurrence in Israel.

One took that advice in OH today!

Yet another Islamic berserker ran amok, ramming with his car and then exiting and stabbing nine innocent persons on the OSU campus in Columbus, OH.

Not a Finnish folk-dancer from Helsinki.

Not a Polynesian hula-dancer from Fiji.

Not an Icelander from Reykjavik.

Not a wild Christian “fundamentalist”

A radical Islamic jihadi!

Is there a pattern here?

OSU Administration “responded” by texting students and faculty, advising them to:

“Run. Hide. Fight.”

“Fight?” How? With what? By tossing book bags? By shouting politically-incorrect slogans, even (heaven forbid!) hate-speech? By retreating to designated “gun-free zones” and then curling up into liberal-approved fetal snowflake positions?

And, once again, good, old-fashioned, American “gun violence” comes to the rescue and saves the day! Well-directed bullets solved this problem with awesome finality!

Now, watch all the gushing sympathy, on campus and in the media, for this poor, misunderstood (now DRT) Moslem. Precious little for his victims!

The obvious point, that is demonstrated again and again with these incidents:

Neither the OSU Administration, nor any other administration, is in any position to protect anyone, even themselves! Personal safety “advice” they promulgate is cynical, self-serving rubbish!

In our upside-down world, you better be in a position to effectively protect your own life!

“Never call an unarmed man ‘security’”

Dave Grossman