28 Feb 23
“We trained hard, but every time we were beginning to form-up into coherent teams, we would be suddenly ‘reorganized!’
I was to learn later, perhaps because we are so good at organizing, that we tend to meet every new situation by ‘reorganizing.’
And, a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress, while in reality producing only confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization”
Charlton Ogburn
Where are snipers when you need them?
Our current USMC “leadership” has apparently decided that dedicated sniper teams, who have served us so well since WWII, are over-rated!
USMC infantry battalions will no longer have integral sniper platoons at the immediate disposal of battalion
Dedicated snipers, and long-range precision rifle fire only they provide, are being de-emphasized, and what few snipers remain in the system will be kicked upstairs to high-level “reconnaissance units,” no longer immediately available to local commanders.
The sniper school is closing!
Infantry battalions will now have only “scout platoons,” absent snipers!
So our snipers are being done away with, and their critical contribution brushed-aside.
USMC “leadership” has already eliminated our tanks. Now snipers. The Aviation Wing is next. Artillery after that.
Our USMC, proudly serving since 1798, is being actively dismantled and reduced to irrelevance.
This has been the wet dream of domestic leftists for decades, and they’re finally making the progress after which they’ve always aspired.
So sad to see!
“You know how you smoke-out a sniper?
You send a guy out in the open, and see if he gets shot.
They thought that one up at West Point!”
Samuel Fuller