26 Feb 23
Last night (Sat) in Amherst, NY (ranked “Safest City in America” for a number of years) what the ever-dishonest media calls “several large fights” broke-out in the parking lot of an upscale grocery store. Cause not
“Several large fights” is media code for “large-scale riot”
This whole shopping mall is in a “high-rent district,” certainly not poor, nor run-down.
This event rapidly grew to engulf a large area. Before it was over, no fewer than eleven LE agencies had to respond in order to disburse the crowd and restore order.
No serious injury, nor gunshots, reported. Thus, the event escaped most media reports outside the local area.
1) Without warning, harmful, even deadly, events can happen anywhere, and you can easily find yourself caught-up in them through no intent of your own. Of course, they happen more often in the “low-rent district,” but staying away from “the bad part(s) of town,” at “bad times” (which I recommend), while good general advice, still does not represent any kind of “guarantee,” as we see!
2) We can naively confer all the quaint titles we want, but being in a so-called “safe community” doesn’t magically shield you from harm, nor does it mean that you can relax, failing to remain continuously alert and aware.
3) Under NY’s current gun law (curiously called the “Concealed-Carry Improvement Act,” courtesy of NY’s Democrat governor), “ordinary citizens” are prohibited from carrying concealed, even when otherwise duly licensed to do so, into shopping malls, nor retail establishments like grocery stores, since they are arbitrarily deemed “safe places,” whatever that means!
When you value your life and health, you need to make logical decisions accordingly.
Yet either way, there are no guarantees, as we see!
“Sometimes, you go to the circus. Sometimes, the circus comes to you”