1 Mar 23
“Corrupt politicians make the other ten-percent look bad.”
Henry Kissinger
“The competent need not apply!”
This from friends in the System:
“It is difficult to grasp just how badly our officers corps, along with our military’s ability to conduct warfare, has been compromised by woke politics and politicians.
Flag officers are ‘nominated by the President and approved by the Senate,’ like federal judges and ambassadors.
Liberal presidents have been ruthlessly filtering our generals and admirals for left-wing, woke beliefs. The politically conservative, meanwhile, need not apply, no matter how brilliant nor accomplished.
One only need watch our squirming, floundering AG attempting to ‘testify’ before Congress today to see what happens when incompetent, unqualified people are put into important positions!
Results are predictable!
Our flag officers have become essentially Soviet-style ‘commissars,’ and like all such political hacks, are mostly unqualified and utterly incompetent.
One highly visible and undeniable aspect of the left-wing politics (now required of flag officers) is their adamant refusal to allow fellow officers and S/NCOs to carry concealed on military installations.
Shall-issue concealed-carry is the law of the land in forty-three states (and now essentially mandated in all by Bruen), but never trusting even their closest comrades, our generals and admirals arrogantly refuse to grant this fundamental right to America’s Best (with surprising exceptions in the Air Force, so there may be a glimmer of hope.)
The current generation of woke ‘commissars-in-uniform’ are thus little more than pitiable mannequins, vainly seeking validation at the hands of sleazy, amoral Democrats.
They do us no good service!”
“The worm that destroys is the temptation to seek approval from your critics.”
Sun Tzu