2 Nov 15

From a friend in Jerusalem:

“An advisory has recently gone out to synagogues in Jerusalem, given the last several weeks of increased personal attacks on Israeli citizens (not to mention the ‘usual’ bombs, rockets, etc).

These recommendations are simple, reasonable, and apply equally to churches and synagogues within CONUS, and most other places:”

“Those with concealed weapons are requested to carry them, in a high state of readiness, at all times while attending synagogue functions. It is preferable that those in attendance who are armed sit near entrances.

An attendee who is familiar with the community and its customary residents should also sit near entrances to immediately report unknown/unusual/suspicious people.

During public functions, particularly group prayer when most attendees are not paying attention to their surroundings, close doors and passages that do not need to be open, and place someone who stays alert, preferably armed, at all entries to observe new arrivals.

Be on constant lookout for suspicious packages, backpacks, etc. Be particularly alert for attendees carrying packages, or wearing bulky clothing.

Vehicles should not be permitted to park, nor people to loiter, in front of the synagogue.”

Comment: All churches and synagogues should have the foregoing, at the minimum, in place already!

The security situation for Jews and Christians, particularly when participating in public worship, will not improve any time soon!

Keep you head up. Pay attention. Go armed.

We’re on our own!