1 Oct 08

On 223/5.56mm chamber dimensions, from a respected colleague:

“In a ‘match’ barrel and chamber, tested with ‘match’ ammunition through a “match’ rifle, group size is nearly identical with the same ammunition fired through a plain-vanilla, utility rifle with a stock, 5.56mm NATO chamber (with ample freebore). The difference is minuscule and of interest only to the most tedious and anal of target shooters.

Who claim the 5.56 NATO chamber is ‘inaccurate’ are incorrect. It is the ammunition, in nearly every instance.

When you want a bench-rest rifle with exact chamber dimensions to match the length of the bullet seat you’re using, great, but it will be useful for masturbation and little else.

On the other hand, when you want a rifle that is designed for, and immanently suited to, serious fighting, get one with a 5.56mm NATO chamber!

My opinion based on much review and painful experience!”

Comment: Once again, tight guns and serious use don’t mix! When you buy a gun, ask yourself, “What is it for?” Is it for impressing your friends, or impressing your enemies?

A single gun will not suffice for both purposes. It needs to be one way or the other. Again, choose your seat and sit down!



1 Oct 08

New “Go-Bag”

I’m currently testing a new go-bag, made by my long-time friend and colleague, Dan Abbot, from Oregon Firearms Academy. It’s the WASP (Weapon-Accessible Survival Pack).

It is made exclusively for OFA, in the USA, and sold through www.ofagear.com

It is a well-organized backpack. My copy is currently carrying my RA/XCR (223) with the stock folded and a dozen 30-round magazines. In addition I have a pistol SA/XD and several magazines. There is still room for IBDs, MRE, water bottles, a Leatherman Tool, et al.

It can be thrown on quickly and become instantly mobile, without tying up your hands.

It is a great idea. My copy is in my car-vault, ready to activate.




1 Oct 08

Don’t confuse occasional miraculous outcomes with good tactics!

Even the best poker players don’t win every hand. They don’t even win the majority of hands. But, at the end of the evening, they’ve always managed to accumulate the most money, while lesser players uncomfortably enumerate their losses!

Solid, competent play, like proficient fighting, doesn’t always look masterful, as movies on the subject would have us believe. Even masterful play sometimes looks clumsy, and, conversely, even the poorest of players will, now and then, in spite of themselves, get lucky and win a hand!

Still, expert play will, in the long run, generate superior long-term results. Only the shallow and self-centered focus on occasional, arrhythmic “miracles.” Among poker players it is called “resulting,” and it inexorably leads, by a short route, to financial calamity.

Winning and losing are intrinsic to every game. Accomplished players focus on consistently solid play and long-term, commutative outcomes.

Poor players charge windmills!



6 Oct 08

Urban Rifles:

At an Urban Rifle Course in NV last weekend, we had two students who brought Kel-Tec SU-16s w/folding stocks (223). The rifle is attractive because of the way it folds up for low-profile transport, and because it accepts M-16 magazines. We’re had a number of these rifles in Courses, but reliability has been spotty. And, neither of the two we had with us last weekend ran well. Feeding problems abounded, and acquiring a consistent, stable cheek-weld and mount is difficult with the abbreviated folding stock. They are far from the top of my List!

We had one SIG/556 which ran all weekend without a single hiccup. With its folding stock, it transports well in a tennis-racket case. And, with its forward-mounted Micro Aimpoint, it is extremely fast and deadly accurate.

My RA/XCR in 7.62X39, also with a forward-mounted Aimpoint on a LaRue quick-release mount, ran just fine too, as always. With its folding stock, it fits conveniently into my OFA “Go-Bag,” mentioned in a previous Quip.

We had several ARs, one S&W M&P, one DSA, along with several others. All but one was equipped with an Aimpoint, and all ran fine, however students had to be constantly reminded to keep the dust-cover closed!

We also had a Micro-Aimpoint-equipped Kahr M1 Carbine. This is the second M1Carbine we’ve seen so equipped. It too ran fine all weekend, and it’s owner comfortably passed his Practical Test. He has a good supply of Cor-Bon DPX for it!

One student used an iron-sighted 30-06 Garand, and he was good with it! From shooting, to moving, to reloading, he was practiced and competent. The original Garand, considered a “relic” by some, is still a formidable weapon in the hands of the accomplished! The Garand is big and heavy, at least by today’s standards, so we don’t see a lot of them, but, when we do, their owners know what they’re about, without fail!

With Western-style “peep” rear sights, we sometimes see shooters mistakenly sighting over the rear sight, instead of through it, particularly when fast shooting is required. It happens even among the experienced. The result is, of course, a shot that goes way high. Under similar circumstances, shooters sometimes mistake a protective wing on the left or right of the front sight post for the front sight itself, sending shots way to one side or the other. Even “simple” iron-sights are far from fool-proof!

Students of history clearly see that we are headed into exciting times, and they also know that a capable urban rifle, along with competent accouterments, and correct and well-practiced rifle skills, are all going to be indispensable accessories among the wise and awake for the foreseeable future.

Most who become aware, usually for the first time, of what a competent Operator can accomplish with his urban rifle, from that point forward never want to be without one!



7 Oct 08

On local gun shows, from a friend in CA:

“At a local gun show in San Diego last weekend, a number of guns were stolen. Some were snatched during the day, at the busiest time. Teams of thieves used distraction tactics.

After the show closed, lights were turned off, and supposedly an alarm was set. Next day, it was discovered that more guns had been stolen during the night. The alarm never sounded, and I’m not sure it even works! These thieves are professionals. They travel in groups to gun shows in every corner of the Country.

‘Security’ at gun shows is poor. Most proven precautions, such as using dogs to confirm everyone is out of the building, have been eliminated in order to lower costs.

This is a serious quandary, and it is not being reported, even in the gun-press.”

Comment: With current world-wide suspense, guns represent an extreme high-density valuable, and their value and attractiveness to thieves appreciates with each day.

Guns need to be “adequately secured” (whatever that means!) every moment. When not carried on your person and thus under your direct control, they must be continuously protected from unauthorized access.

While I’m not likely to offer security advice to gun-show organizers, I can recommend to individual gun-owners that they invest in a gun-safe and use it conscientiously to keep guns, and other high-density valuables, continually secure.

Thieves want to get their hands on your guns. We all need to view them as the authentic valuables they are!



11 Oct 08

Life, filled to the brim!

At a Pistol Course in CA last weekend, a student struggled mightily in an effort to pass our Practical Test. He continuously repeated his mistakes, to the point of exasperation! He finally muddled through at the lowest level, but he was clearly disappointed and frustrated with his performance.

He made this comment: “I’ve been retired for thirteen years, all that time not doing much that could be called ‘productive.’ I used to be sharp and incisive, always learning. It was required for my job. I didn’t realize that my brain had atrophied so ruinously since I stopped working and stopped being actively involved in my profession. My mind has since waxed dull and slothful. I plan on being alive for a long time yet, and I obviously need to sharpen back up!”

He then thanked us profusely for the Course, and for the unscheduled epiphany!

Comment: We’ve seen this revelation before. “Retirement,” as commonly practiced in this Country, is a death-trap! An inactive, unchallenged brain that no longer has an important, meaningful mission, withers and loses freshness every day. It happens so slowly, many never notice, until they face psycho-motor and intellectual challenges such as we include with our Courses.

One reason traditional Western religion is suddenly unpopular, indeed mocked and denigrated, is that few want to believe there is a God, particularly a God to whom we are all accountable; a God who holds us all individually responsible for everything we’ve done, and everything we’ve left undone. It is indeed unpleasant to contemplate all the avarice, duplicity, slothfulness, depravity, cowardice, arrogance, vanity, and stupidity that are accumulating on our individual ledgers, only to be held up to our faces on a Day of Judgement.

We would rather not think about it. We would rather just “retire!”

Late in the Fourteenth Century there were two Hwa Rang monks traveling through mountainous regions of Chasong (in present-day North Korea). One was a humble and reverent Hwa Rang Master; the other was his youthful and cavalier, but vain and shallow, apprentice.

It was early-winter and already bitterly cold. Snow was deep, and the frigid, howling wind was relentless. After a late start, the two were traveling a high, narrow mountain trail in an effort to reach a distant monastery before nightfall. It was late in the afternoon; the sun was close to the horizon, and they still had far to go. They both understood that, if they did not reach the monastery before the onset of darkness, they would likely become lost and inevitably freeze to death. Worry showed on their faces, and there was an urgency in their steps.

As they rounded a narrow bend in the trail, the elder of the two spotted a solitary figure far below clinging tenaciously to a meager ledge. The monks determined that it was a fellow traveler who had accidentally fallen from the trail and now clung precariously to a small rock outcropping. If he lost his grip, he would fall thousands of feet to the massive glacier far below, but he would surely freeze to death if he remained where he was. They called to him and got his attention.

As he was pummeled by the frigid, snow-laden wind, the hapless traveler told the monks of his broken leg and pleaded with them to rescue him from his unfortunate circumstance, but his voice was weak and could scarcely be heard above the howl of the wind.

The younger of the two monks became impatient and said, “Enough of this! Let us be on our way now; no one will think the less of us for it. This is not our problem. This man’s situation is indeed pitiable, but we had nothing to do with it. It’s not our fault; it’s not our concern. It was God who put that man where he is, and God must have had a good reason for doing so. Let providence work its natural course. Besides, we must think of ourselves. Come quickly! We must be sensible; it is getting later by the minute.”

But, the elder monk objected: “Not so!” he said. “You are in error, because you do not understand your own Calling, nor the wisdom of the Ancients. Have you been deaf during your entire apprenticeship? Do you not realize that the very God, whose name you bandy about so irreverently, is the one who sent us here to help this man? Are we now to pretend that we do not see what is in front of us? God forbid! Here is a fellow man in desperate need, and we are the only ones who can help. You should be ecstatic that God has seen fit to honor us with such a magnificent opportunity. He must have great confidence in us! Let us be busy and fulfill our destiny.”

The younger monk was indignant. “The years have dulled your mind, old one,” he replied. “I see now that you are not the distinguished Master I once believed you to be. Rather, you are a pathetic sentimentalist who cannot keep his priorities straight. You would risk your life for someone you don’t even know. Old one, when men allow their own private consciences to cloud their perception of reality, they are fools indeed.”

“When one abandons his own private conscience for the sake of avaricious expediency, he is the real fool. He thus relinquishes his true humanity, and is transformed into a empty shell, just an animated corpse, and is, of all men, most to be pitied,” was the disdainful reply.

The Master continued, “Are you so afraid of death that you are paralyzed by the mere thought of it? Young man, for your own sake, you must not allow fear of death to drive you to inaction. Be not afraid of circumstances that can merely take your life, but can do nothing further. In the end, we’re all dead anyway! Look here now; if you insist on being afraid, fear a cowardly, purposeless life, where you shrink in dread from every opportunity and leave every challenge unanswered. Yes, I tell you, fear that!”

“Enough of this silliness! Have it your way old man,” quipped the young monk as he turned to leave. “I will not be a victim of your maudlin foolishness…” His voice trailed off as he hurriedly made his way up the path and rapidly disappeared in the swirling snow.

Undiscouraged, the Hwa Rang Master redirected his attention to the ill-fated traveler far below, calling to him and telling him to stay where he was and that help was on the way. The Master then began the treacherous decent from the trail to the ledge to which the traveler was desperately clinging. Inch by inch, he made his way down, all the time shouting words of encouragement. After many anxious moments and near-mishaps, the Master finally reached the traveler. By this time, it was nearly dark. The temperature was falling. The Master had very little feeling left in his fingers, and there was no letup in the wind.

Undeterred, the Master made a sling, placed the traveler in it, secured the sling to his shoulder, and started back up.

The ascent was more tedious and treacherous than the decent, but, with icy determination, the Master pressed on, clawing his way upward. As he climbed, he conversed with the traveler, assuring him that he did this sort of thing all the time and that the whole affair was hardly even exciting. Finally, miraculously the two reached the trail. Night was now upon them, and the Master was near total exhaustion. Nonetheless, he immediately started in the direction of the monastery.

After several agonizing kilometers, the Master, his strength nearly gone, finally stumbled to his knees. The traveler called to him from his sling and said, “Friend, you have done all you can, more than anyone could have expected. Leave me here now and go on by yourself. I am too great a burden. Go on alone. Save yourself!”

“Never!” snapped the indignant monk. “I still have strength. God would be disappointed in me if I left you now. We will triumph together, or not at all. This is my appointed mission and, so long as I draw breath, I will not capitulate.” With that, the monk struggled back to his feet and pressed on.

What happened next has been called “impossible.” The two covered the remaining distance in near total darkness. Shortly after midnight, they arrived at the gates of the monastery. The doors were opened, and the Master crawled across the threshold, the traveler still in the sling around his shoulder. Both Master and traveler were barely conscious. Tenants of the monastery rushed out, brought them in, and tended to their needs.

In the warmth and comfort of the monastery the two recovered rapidly. After several days of convalescing, they were both up and about, none the worse for wear.

It was then that the Master inquired about the young trainee with whom he had started his journey, but who had deserted him and gone on ahead. The Master had assumed that he had made it safely to the monastery. However, no one had seen him.

The Master remained in the monastery for the balance of the winter, teaching and relating the details of his miraculous deliverance. One sunny, spring day, he was teaching in the courtyard when a caravan arrived, the first since winter had subsided. They brought with them a corpse, the frozen remains of luckless traveler they had discovered a considerable distance from the monastery. When the Master viewed the cadaver, he instantly recognized it as the young apprentice with whom he had started his journey many months earlier.

In the years that followed, the Master became a famous and sought-after pundit and was known throughout the land as a man of great wisdom. He was a councilor to kings and the recipient of many accolades.

One day, during his later years, a young student came to him and asked, “Master, what is the greatest unhappiness in this life?” The Master reflected a moment, then answered, “There are many unhappinesses, but there is one that is greater than all the others, and woe unto him upon whom it falls!”

“What is this dreadful thing?” asked the student.

“The greatest unhappiness is to have no burden to bear!” was the reply.

Who has “no burden to bear” is truly“lost!”



12 Oct 08

Comments on military rifles, from an Instructor in UT:

“For our upcoming Urban Rifle Course in the SLC area, one of our students indicated that he went to three local gunshops, looking to buy a Kalashnikov, Stoner, XCR, FAL, M1A, or M1 Carbine, but found virtually no inventory.

One clerk dryly remarked, ‘You are like the guy who shows up at Home Depot to buy plywood, during the hurricane!’

Comment: Americans, indeed all of Western Civilization, are nervous, and for good reason. “Clinging to guns and religion” is curiously back in style, eh?

Get them while they’re hot!



13 Oct 08

Useful tip from one of our Instructors:

“Bore-snakes are wonderful devices, as you know, and they belong in every range-bag. However, the brittle, plastic packaging in which they come doesn’t hold up well. In no time, it cracks and subsequently falls apart. Thus, most of us then end up with dirty, loose, hopelessly tangled Bore-snakes littering the bottom of our range-bags, with no way to determine what caliber any of them are.

On a recent trip to Walmart, I noticed, in the pharmacy section, plastic travel containers for bars of bath soap. They were on sale for less than one dollar per copy, so I bought several.

They work perfectly as durable and convenient Bore-snake containers! Not only does the bore snake fit comfortably, but one can also put a small oil bottle in with it. I put my label-maker to work and affixed caliber, in large print, on the side, and top, of each container.

My DSA/FAL travels with me as my car-gun, along with two spare magazines. Now, within the tennis-racket case where it all resides, I have a durable mini-cleaning-kit as well!”

Comment: Of course, running a Bore-snake through your rifle, pistol or shotgun does not substitute for thorough cleaning, but I still make it a practice to run Bore-snakes through each of my guns before leaving the range.

The reason is that, while carrying, I want to be sure my bore and chamber are clean, for two reasons:

(1) I want to be sure rounds are going to chamber completely and thus be ready to be discharged. A dirty chamber can compromise complete chambering, thus rendering a gun that cannot fire, as most pistols and rifles have mechanical systems that prevent the weapon from firing when the bolt/slide are not in complete battery. It is actually a safety feature, but, when used as an item of emergency/safety equipment, I have no use for guns that don’t fire when I desperately need them to. Cleaning the chamber with a Bore-snake before leaving the range is thus an extremely good idea!

(2) When, later that same evening, there has been a shooting, and I am in the area, but I was not involved, I surely want physical/forensic evidence to clearly indicate that my gun was not fired! Leaving the range with a dirty gun may create a problem, as it will be impossible for police to subsequently determine how and when the gun got dirty. Accordingly, always leave the range with a clean bore and chamber!



16 Oct 08

Marines are a real problem, aren’t they?

From a friend in AZ:

“Two home-invasion suspects were unceremoniously shot to death last night in Tucson by a University of Arizona student. At least one of the (deceased) suspects was armed with a pistol.

The 23-year-old college student was home alone when there was a knock on his door, a half hour after midnight. Owing to the late hour, he armed himself with a pistol before answering. A man at the door asked to see someone the student had never heard of. A second man suddenly appeared, with a ski-mask over his face and a pistol in his hand. The two suspects then burst into the home knocking the student off his feet.

The student, a former Marine, called police several minutes later to report a shooting. Police arrived shortly thereafter, to discover the two suspects, both DRT, inside the student’s home.
Local police investigating the incident say no charges are being contemplated against the student, as the shooting appears to have been justified by the circumstances.

A neighbor commented, ‘It’s really the scariest thing… I don’t know what I would’ve done if those two guys tried to break into my house.’”

Comment: You would have died, Nimrod! You would have been murdered hideously, as many other VBCs are, every day. You would have been just another “good-little-victim” that keep politicians and newspapers alike busy.

This young Marine was prepared! More to the point, he didn’t hesitate to do what had to be done. He is an Operator, alive and well due to his own personal courage!


(1) Don’t wait
(2) Don’t hesitate
(3) Don’t ask permission
(4) Don’t over-analyze/over-correct
(5) Don’t look back
(6) Don’t apologize, and
(7) Always call their bluff!

Good show, Marine!



17 Oct 08

This is from Master Holster-Maker, and good friend, Brian Hoffner. Commentary on our times!

“John, I received this email from a (former) customer this morning:

‘Brian, received my order today. The concealed-carry neck-ID, according to the receipt, is $30.00 plus shipping. Looks as if it cost $0.45 to make. I’m returning it for a full refund. You okay with this?’

My response:

I’ll refund the $30.00, plus shipping, both ways, upon receipt. No problem!

‘Indeed, my Neck-ID probably would cost less than a dollar to make, in China! However, mine are lovingly made here in Houston by one man, an American, a retired Police veteran of many years. He uses only high-quality leather, and painstakingly crafts them, one at a time. I’m sure someone in China will copy it soon enough, but, either way, we’ll continue to make them here, probably due to our apparent weakness for lost causes!

We take extreme pride in building our holsters and accessories, by hand, here in Houston. We sign and date each one before we send it to you. Our para-cord cuffs and lanyards are hand-woven. Our single-point slings are also hand-made. These items aren’t cheap, as you noted, but, by God, they are made by genuine Americans, in America! For Operators, by Operators!

Ambition, hard work, integrity, drive, sacrifice, caring, daring, responsibility, and honor are values that made America the greatest country in the world. These characteristics are still shared by my friends and colleagues. I’ve been told they are dying, and I’m sure I’ll die with them!’”

Comment: “The heartbreak of poor quality will persist after the luster of low price has long-since faded away”

Brian makes life-saving equipment for those who are capable of appreciating it. Others need not apply!



20 Oct 08

Personal character:

The Japanese Art of Bushido, and the teachings of Greek philosopher, Socrates, hold one thing in common:

Both teach that any man, worthy of the title, will predictably behave according to an absolute moral
standard, a standard that perpetually transcends fads, trends, fashion, whim, even logic. Socrates reminded his followers, “Do we really need to argue over what is right and what is wrong? As men of honor, don’t we just know such things?” Honor, a vivid consciousness of personal dignity and worth, would go on characterize the doctrine of both Socrates and the Samurai.

The difference between good and evil, between truth and falsehood, between right and wrong
are givens, absolutes, not arguments subject to discourse nor self-serving pseudo-justification. A man, worthy of the title, should ever know and understand the difference, and it is a man’s obligation to teach his household right thinking and right conduct through the model of his own behavior.

The first objective of Samurai education was thus always to build uncompromising, righteous Character. More subtle issues of prudence, intelligence, and dialectics were also crucial, but clearly second in importance. Intellectual superiority was esteemed, but a Samurai was foremost a man of right thinking and right action. In fact, the Japanese term “Makoto,”often translated to the English word,“sincerity,” had a profoundly deeper meaning to Samurai Warriors. It meant wagering it all, holding back nothing, putting all your heart, spirit, and strength into your act. To a Samurai, doing less meant acting insincerely.

In our age, we’re submerged in self-delusion. “Situation ethics,” for example, is a preposterous contradiction of terms! No man of honor would even utter such an absurd phrase, with a straight face.

Ancients, in every corner of the world, understood what was required for any civilization to grow and prosper and what caused them unfailingly to rot and crumble.

Nothing has changed!



21 Oct 08

History goes forward! This from an Instructor:

“Thomas Jefferson nearly quoted Socrates when he wrote, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, …’ Back then, American children were educated in the history and the historical/philosophical development of individual rights, culminating in the creation of the United States and of American Citizenship. They believed that each man was inherently worthy and, uninterfered with, capable of great achievements.

With the ink barely dry on Jefferson’s document, withering attacks rained down from European aristocratic elite. They claimed our perceptions were not valid, that man is not capable of taking care of himself and thus must be enslaved for his own good! This is, of course, the ineluctable cornerstone of what would eventually morph into Marxism, Stalinism, Socialism, Collectivism, Communism, and our own domestic Leftists. They’re just different titles used to describe various stages in the malignant growth of the same malevolent System, whose only goal is the domination/enslavement of all men, by a few men. We currently see all of Europe either there already, or merrily on their way!

In our age, we have seen these naive old-World civilizations foolishly choose Collectivism, a choice that has predictably lead to millions of innocent people murdered, all in the name of some ethereal, but ever ill-defined, Collectivist ‘good.’

On this side of the Ocean, it is only through our ability to think as rational individuals, continually struggling to keep a firm grip on reality, and our willingness and ability to fight, that has kept our System in place that allows us to enjoy personal liberty. We surely have no excuse in knowingly condoning the conspicuously Collectivist System that is currently hanging over our heads, only a single election away!

As with ancient Greeks, Samuri, and other great cultures, our Founders considered righteous, personal character essential to the continued advancement of our Civilization. This character not only requires the instilling of cultural values via education, but, as importantly, it authorizes, indeed mandates, the right and duty to fight for those values, to fight literally against evil!

Today, the iniquitous and naive among us, neo-Stalinists, are attempting to redefine personal character, replacing truth, righteousness, and goodness with unquestioned personal political loyalty to them and their Party, on penalty of punishment! When allowed to go to fruition, this Collectivist System will, as it always does, suffocate personal initiative, indeed all creativity, as Collectivists’ paranoid reaction to even the hint of political dissent is invariably the crush of an iron fist.

It is the sacred duty of each generation of Americans to educate and enlighten the next. This is ‘challenge by choice.’ Our reward will be the preservation of our Civilization. We must show, by example, righteous character means: (1) to fearlessly seek what is true and right, (2) to boldly act on one’s own reason and conclusions, accepting, without complaint, all consequences, and (3) to audaciously confront threats to our inalienable right to our own individual being.

At our Urban Rifle Courses (where all ranges are run ‘hot,’ as is your habit) there is a point where we take a break with loaded, military rifles, slung over our shoulders. It is a powerful moment, a potent epiphany for many. Imagine it! Here we are, Citizens, fearlessly bearing arms, not soldiers at war nor police officers on a tactical mission, but Sovereign Citizens- Americans!
It is a moment like no other! And, at this instant, many of our students, usually for the first time in their lives, realize what an unparalleled joy and privilege it is to be an American Citizen!

Of the millions of innocents Stalin casually starved to death, millions Hitler rounded up and systematically exterminated, and Pol Pot, and uncounted victims of lesser Collectivist tyrants- none had the freedom and opportunity that we Americans nonchalantly take for granted, in fact that many of the naive among us dismiss as ‘irrelevant.’”

Comment: “An American who is to amount to anything must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work, instead of sitting idle to envy the luck of others. He must face life with resolute courage, win victory when he can, and accept defeat when he must, without seeking to place on his fellow citizens, a responsibility which is not theirs.


“We must build on neither hope nor fear, but only on the continued faithful discharge of our duty as citizen/soldiers, wherein alone will be found safety and peace of mind.”


“There can be no proper relationship between one who is armed and one who is not; nor is it reasonable to expect that one who is armed will voluntarily obey one who is not, nor that any official of government will ever feel secure among armed citizens.”


God save us from the sons of unwed mothers!



23 Oct 08

This sad news from a friend and student in SA:

“Our national downward slide hit another milestone. The most accomplished crime-fighting unit in the Southern Hemisphere, our famed Scorpions, was dealt the final death blow today by members of our ANC/Communist thug-ocracy. Our ‘parliament’ voted overwhelmingly to destroy this elite unit, thus depriving us of the one law-enforcement agency in our nation for which we could have any respect.

The reason for the Scorpions’ demise is that they overstepped the party line, something that is never tolerated by Communists. You’ve called it ‘malicious competence!’ Ironically, the Scorpions were originally created by this same ruling party as an independent agency, with wide authority to investigate organized crime and official corruption.

They did too good a job!

Investigations into criminal activities by members of the ANC, at all levels, and subsequent corruption charges against individual politicians and senior police officials, cheered on by the general population, were condemned by the ANC, particularly those indicted!

A ‘replacement’ unit is being created, and it will be under the thumb of the ANC. It will enjoy no independence, and its principal function will be to silence political opposition. As a law-enforcement agency, it is, of course, a joke! We know this, because the cretin selected to head this grotesque new agency is currently himself under suspension/indictment for incompetence and corruption!

The destruction of the Scorpions will be quickly followed by the forced politicization of our Judicial System, and of our news media. It has already started. Sleazy thugs who run this country need a network of ‘enablers’ to cover their own criminal activities and make certain they are never exposed.

Clear-thinking people here need to prepare for adverse times! Our Communist thugs are every bit as barbarous and detestable as Stalin’s, just not as smart!

Americans! Don’t snicker. You’re next!”

Comment: The foregoing has special meaning for me, because I trained the Scorpions, and I still have many friends there. My Scorpions were professional Operators, superbly competent and beyond reproach. They are my brothers.

We won’t see their like again!



27 Oct 08

Kel-Tec 380, from an Instructor:

“This morning, as I headed out of the house, I slipped my Kel-tec 380 into my front pocket, secure within it’s pocket holster. I detected an unusual ‘rattle.’ I removed the pistol from my pocket and shook it. There was that rattle!

I unloaded it. Rattle still there! I attempted to dry-fire it. The trigger went limp, and the hammer didn’t cycle. I pulled it apart and found that the trigger spring (which is visible from the bottom of the grip) had rusted through at its attachment point and had subsequently broken. In any event, the pistol was thus rendered non-functional.

I called Kel-Tec, and they will, of course, fix it. No problem! Kel-Tec’s customer service is suburb.

The pistol is only a year old, but I carry it constantly in close contact with my sweaty body. I was, once again, reminded that carry pistols require constant inspection and maintenance, and they need to be shot often! I am also reminded that, when one thinks he needs to carry a gun, he probably needs to carry two!”

Comment: My friend’s point about carry guns is well taken. A pistol that spends its entire life inside the box it came in, within the pristine confines of a gun-safe, gathering dust, may not require meticulous maintenance. However, carry guns, serious guns, working guns, guns that are actually shot now and then, must be looked after carefully and see professional maintenance on a regular basis, if they are to be ever-ready to be depended upon to fulfill their primary function!

In our business, the one thing we never want is a surprise! Nearly any catastrophe can be dealt with effectively when there is enough warning. We need to keep surprises to a minimum!



28 Oct 08

At a Scenario-Based Training Course in SC last weekend, we confirmed several important principles:

(1) “Good tactics” doesn’t mean “taking no risk.” It means “taking the best risk.” Any time one must employ tactics, by definition, “good” choices are no longer available. Only bad choices remain, and one must choose “the-best-of-the-worst.” Risk and opportunity are inexorably intertwined. The greatest opportunity always necessitates exposure to the greatest risk.

(2) You’ll never have all the information you think you need. You must be willing to throw the dice while the game is still in progress! Some students over-analyze to the point where opportunity unfailingly slips away. The longer you wait, the more options dry up.

(3) Don’t relax too soon! As Victory rears her head, many students pause, and pausing, fall victim to a crushing and well-timed counter-attack!

(4) Few come through fights unscathed! You must finish the fight, even though wounded. You can’t pause, and you can’t take breaks. This is a job from which you don’t get to resign. Stay in motion!

(5) In fighting, there is no “free-lunch.” Surprises are, without fail, part of the deal. One must always have a plan, but be flexible enough to absorb unexpected setbacks and, likewise, be ever ready to exploit unexpected opportunities.

(6) Fear is normal. Circumspection is normal. But, courage, boldness, and audacity you either have or you don’t!

In feudal Japan, a poor practitioner of “Chado,” the Way of Tea, inadvertently insulted a “Ronin,” a unemployed Samurai. The outraged Ronin immediately challenged the Teaman to a duel to the death.

“I am not a warrior,” timidly replied the Teaman, “and I’m sorry that I offended you, but understand that it was simply a clumsy mistake on my part. I meant no harm. Please accept my humble apology.”

But, the Ronin would have none of it. “We meet on the Field of Honor at dawn tomorrow,” he growled as he rushed off in a huff.

The terrified Teaman ran to the home of a famous Swordmaster and related the afternoon’s events.

“A luckless situation,” said the Master. But, as they talked, the Teaman prepared and served tea. The authoritative and masterful way in which the Teaman went about his tasks caught the eye of the Master. He marveled at the Teaman’s effortless grace. Suddenly, he slapped his knee and said, “Forget what I just told you. Put yourself in the state of mind that you were in as you served tea, and you can win this fight!”

The Teaman was astounded. “I’ve never held a sword in my life. I know nothing of fighting.
What state of mind are you talking about?”

“As you served tea, were you thinking, ‘I am a Teaman?’” asked the Master.

“Of course not,” replied the Teaman, “I wasn’t thinking at all!”

“That’s it!” shrieked the Master, as he handed the Teaman a sword. “On the Field of Honor tomorrow morning, draw this sword and hold it high over your head, ready to cut down your opponent. Don’t think you’re a Teaman. Don’t think you’re a Samurai. Don’t think at all! Just listen. When you hear him shout, immediately move forward and strike him down.”

“I’ll try,” replied the Teaman.

“No!” shouted the master. “Don’t ‘try;’ DO! or do not.”

The following morning the Ronin swaggered onto the field, confident of an easy victory; but the stoic Teaman immediately raised his sword over his head and riveted his eyes on the Ronin, his ears waiting for the battle cry.

For long moments the Ronin stared at the Teaman’s raised sword and determined, steely gaze.
Abruptly, the Ronin’s countenance fell. His bearing withered, and, with a shaky voice, he whimpered to the Teaman, “I cannot beat you.” He bowed to his opponent in disgrace and then slumped off the field.

Comment: As bad as you think your situation is, your enemy’s is likely even worse!

Never give up.
Never give in.
Always call their bluff!

“I wish no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go after the enemy!”

JP Jones



31 Oct 08

Chicago goes begging! From LEO friends in the area:

For the first time in history, the City of Chicago has gone on bended knee to the over one-hundred surrounding suburban PDs, as well as State Police, and asked for the loan of beat cars and uniformed officers to supplement CPD on election night! CPD has specifically asked for two-man, marked cars, equipped with rifles!

The ill-advised “Grant-Park Rally” is predictably turning into a can of worms, with far more people expected than the Park, indeed the entire area, can reasonably accommodate. Destructive rioting is anticipated.

If it is anything like the Bush/Gore presidential election, we won’t even know the final result for days, even weeks, and the Supreme Court may well be involved before it is all over. In the interim, widespread, malignant mob-violence is likely in most major metro areas, particularly Chicago!

Accordingly, staying away from all metro areas, and far away from any species of collective political activity (like rallies), as well as staying heavily armed, is advice to the wise.

Hang on to our hat!