13 July 21
“Lawfully Armed Citizens Keep our Community Safe”
Mantra of “Safecitizen,” a SA gun-owners association
From a friend in South Africa, close to the rioting:
“Widespread, destructive, and murderous rioting, looting, and arson has erupted in the wake of the arrest and jailing of 79-year-old former ANC president, Jacob Zuma. Zuma is belatedly charged with corruption while in office.
Mostly unchecked criminal behavior started in Kwa Zulu Natal (KZN), particularly in the Durban and Pietermaritzberg areas.
It then spilled over to Gauteng (Johannesburg area).
Legally-armed citizens, mostly of Indian extraction, are currently defending themselves with gunfire!
Police, ill-equipped to deal with anything this widespread, are completely out of their depth.
There is little they can do, nor are willing to do!
Civil groups, neighborhood-watch associations, private security, and assorted private citizens are assisting police.
We SA citizens are definitely not going to be handing-over our guns any time soon!
This terrifying, ongoing episode is providing us with a persuasive argument for our need to be privately armed.
‘Police will protect you’ is a cruel myth!”
A common theme is that every ‘leader’ in South Africa, since Independence in the late 1980s, has been unable to rise above the tendency to become corrupt and has ended up accomplishing little, aside from stuffing his own pockets, much of it hidden in offshore bank accounts.
An amoral focus on self-enrichment as the primary goal of elected leftist politicians does not bode well for the future of SA, nor the USA for that matter!
“Community activists” (invariably Marxist) are not interested in legitimate “freedom.” They just want the “freedom” to steal, plunder, loot, and murder political opponents!
Accordingly, leftists thrive on chaos and lawlessness!
We see it there and here!
They predictably blame capitalists, Jews, Christians, and gun-owners for this chaos they themselves manufacture.
“Could it be that you are yourself the cause of this misfortune?”
Danielle Dutton