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31 Dec 19 Last Quip of 2019! Our liberal media is predictably describing violent rioters who are currently storming our Embassy in Iraq as “protesters” and “demonstrators.” They’ve oh-so carefully set fire to our property! They’ve gently smashed through embassy doors!, They’ve softly shouted, “Death to USA!” Iraq’s wonderful “security forces” have been “tardy” in […]


30 Dec 19 “There is no ‘safety,’ just varying degrees of risk! McArthur “Armed resistance remains the only real answer to stopping evil.” Larry Mudgett “I cannot understand why people (Jews and Christians), who been targets of evil for centuries, still refuse to arm themselves.” Evan Marshall Another church shooting in TX! A day after […]

Poor Substitutes!

29 Dec 19 “‘Morality,’ founded upon helplessness, has not much to recommend it!” Mahatma Gandhi Last night, a quiet gathering of Jewish holiday (Hanukkah) observers at a home in Monsey, NY (near NYC) was precipitously attacked by a machete-wielding home-invader who, unopposed by armed congregants, freely slashed and stabbed multiple innocents before fleeing. Still covered […]

Evolution in Modern Times!

23 Dec 19 “Yesterday’s ‘Advanced Weapons Platform’ is today’s museum exhibit!” Anon Progressive-burning, high-energy smokeless propellant was invented by a French chemist, Paul Eugène Vieille, in 1884. Vielle’s invention instantly rendered all black-powder firearms obsolete, although it would take at least the next three decades for that axiom to sink-into the minds of the world’s […]

Dog’s Lunch!

19 Dec 19 The “Gerat,” 06 and 06H Rifles (STG45M) were Germany’s last-ditch effort to manufacture cheap autoloading infantry rifles at the very end of the WWII. “Gerat” loosely translates to “equipment.” The term represented a war-time attempt to camouflage the fact that this was a new weapon in development. The Gerat looked like the […]

Listen to What They’re Saying!

17 Dec 19 “What do sure odds that Democrats will absolutely reject any duly-elected Republican president really mean? It means they won’t accept results of any election they don’t win. When you hate each other, but still accept election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to […]

“Day”‘s night today! Wrong’s “right” today!

15 Dec 19 Media headline: “Project to curb gun violence ‘successful’ … despite rise in shootings” So say police officials in Toronto, Canada What? Failure is actually “success?” Among socialists, you can count on it! Mimicking Democrat/socialists down here, with a straight face Canadian socialists re-define the utter failure of their corrupt anti-gun agenda as […]

Unconditional Readiness!

12 Dec 19 The USMC, in response to recent shooting incidents on military bases in FL and HI, just published a Corps-wide “update bulletin” on the subject of personal security. Marines should “ (1) continuously assess local security posture, (2) promote an increase in vigilance and security awareness, and (3) re-enforce emphasis on reporting suspicious […]


11 Dec 19 Jersey City Shooting: We now know why there has been “dead silence” from the liberal media, as well as from NJ’s liberal governor, with regard to two dead black-clad domestic terrorists who yesterday murdered a local police officer, then invaded a kosher deli and murdered the owner as his wife, as well […]

Deep Waters!

9 Dec 19 “In deep waters, you encounter the wise and brave. In shallow waters, the naive and fearful” Mehmet Murat ildan Speaking of the shallow, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, yesterday flippantly said of the Pensacola, FL incident: “At some point, President Trump, and members of Congress, must summon the […]

Fate of the Unarmed!

8 Dec 19 “‘Terrorists are coming! ‘Turn-in your weapons and go immediately to the nearest gun-free zone!’ … said no human with a functioning brain in the history of our planet!” Anon Another sad, yet inevitable, result of “gun-free Zones” In his lame excuse, a continuation of the tiresome DOD “no-guns dance,” the commander of […]

DTI in 2020!

4 Dec 19 DTI 2020 Training Schedule Our 2020 Training Schedule (below) has been updated and is currently posted on the DTI Web Page. Discounts apply! You can register directly on our DTI Web Page at We continue to advance the Art! 8-9 Feb 20 DTI Defensive Handgun, Camden, TN 15-16 Feb 20 DTI […]


2 Dec 19 Narwhal Tusk! Not surprisingly, the British media is making much today of the famous “Narwhal Tusk” that played a role in Friday’s Islamic terrorist attack on London Bridge. They are making it all into a new “London Bridge Legend!” And yet, imagine for a moment that history were different, and the words […]