15 Dec 19

Media headline:

“Project to curb gun violence ‘successful’

… despite rise in shootings”

So say police officials in Toronto, Canada


Failure is actually “success?”

Among socialists, you can count on it!

Mimicking Democrat/socialists down here, with a straight face Canadian socialists re-define the utter failure of their corrupt anti-gun agenda as “success!”

Gun-wielding criminals are committing more violent crimes that ever in Toronto. Illegal possession of guns by violent criminals is the highest it has ever been, and growing.

Just the same, Toronto’s Police Chief, not content with “succeeding” (while actually failing), says:“

“More needs to be done to address gun violence” (you can always tell a socialist, because they never get specific: they don’t dare)

Guess who will suffer as this perpetually undefined “more” takes shape?

Of course, it will be good and decent, productive, and law-abiding Canadian gun owners, who have never committed any crime and who possess all required licenses and permits.

Bona-fide violent criminals are dangerous and hard to catch. It takes dauntless work, and you really have to want to do it!

By contrast, harassing and oppressing the innocent is easier, and much safer. They’re a “soft target,” easy to find, and they don’t fight back!

And, no matter how nauseating becomes the crime-ridden squalor socialists invariably manufacture, with a straight face they will predictably call it “success!”

And, the sluttish leftist media will go right along!

Just listen to Toronto’s police chief, for that matter CA’s and NJ’s Democrat governors. Do they sound to you like convincing impersonations of Communists?

“I was repelled by the sleazy reality of Communist countries: politicians were shameless. There was corruption, pollution, shoddy goods, long lines, and suicide everywhere, but leaders kept boasting about their ‘great achievements’ and ‘bright tomorrows.’”

Antonin Kratochvil