29 Dec 19

“‘Morality,’ founded upon helplessness, has not much to recommend it!”

Mahatma Gandhi

Last night, a quiet gathering of Jewish holiday (Hanukkah) observers at a home in Monsey, NY (near NYC) was precipitously attacked by a machete-wielding home-invader who, unopposed by armed congregants, freely slashed and stabbed multiple innocents before fleeing.

Still covered with blood, the single perpetrator was arrested a short time later in NYC.

Five injuries reported, several critical.

In news reports, no commentator dared mention, of course, that these attacked NY religious congregants all lacked arms with which to defend themselves.

Several religious commentators have since cynically mentioned that such gatherings of Jews need to be protected by armed security, provided of course by,

… someone else!

Curiously, state and local politicians in NY, who proudly hail the state’s ongoing effort to forcibly disarm the civilian populace (they exempt themselves, of course), made no mention of plans for arming and training religious communities to protect themselves from dangerous, violent extremists!

Not surprisingly, NY’s governor (from behind his cadre of heavily-armed bodyguards) mouthed the standard, boring boiler-plate platitudes. He conveniently failed to mention all the anti-Jewish venom routinely spewing from the mouths of members of his own political party (Democrats)!

Among my students are many devout Jews, who peacefully practice their religion according to traditions in which they have great faith. They are all good people, good citizens, and have no desire to harm anyone.

They all go armed!

Unlike so many of their naive brethren, they don’t bet their lives on,

… someone else!

Unfortunately, none were apparently in attendance at the above-mentioned Hanukkah Celebration!

“Chairs and coffee-tables are poor substitutes for Glocks and Sigs!”


… as we see!