30 Dec 19

“There is no ‘safety,’ just varying degrees of risk!


“Armed resistance remains the only real answer to stopping evil.”

Larry Mudgett

“I cannot understand why people (Jews and Christians), who been targets of evil for centuries, still refuse to arm themselves.”

Evan Marshall

Another church shooting in TX!

A day after the Hanukkah attack in NY, there was yet another wanton, lethal attack upon worshipers, this time in TX.

Of course, our leftist media couldn’t be bothered with the obvious comparison of results of Sunday’s incident in TX, with Saturday’s in NY. They are already editing-out video of of the armed congregant in TX deftly taking care of business!

In NY, unarmed victims were attacked by a knife-wielding, murderous ideologue, who was met with no effective resistance. The uninjured perpetrator escaped, but was arrested some time later and is currently in custody in NY.

By contrast, the murderous ideologue in the TX incident was correctly identified and shot to death, without delay, by a courageous, armed, and skilled congregant, all within six seconds of beginning his lethal attack.

In this case, perpetrator was DRT!

One congregant was murdered, another critically injured. But, this murderous spree was incisively stopped before more innocent worshipers could be hurt.

Precise and pivotal action on the part of an armed congregant doubtless saved many lives!

Surveillance video released today clearly shows at least five congregants drawing pistols when the event started, but only one did any shooting, and I believe he fired only one shot.

Without warning, the perpetrator produced a short shotgun from under his coat, holding it at waist-level, and then pointed it directly at a nearby usher, who was apparently unarmed.

For the next three seconds the perpetrator did nothing more!

He then fired a single shot at another nearby congregant, who was armed and in the process of drawing his pistol.

You can see the shotgun jump out of the perpetrator’s support-side hand as it fires.

He then immediately fires a second shot at the unarmed usher, who was still close-by.

It does not look to me as if the perpetrator “pumps” the shotgun prior to firing his second shot, so it is either a double-barrel, or an autoloader.

The shotgun is very short. The barrel may have been cut, which would make it an illegal NFA weapon.

The single fatal shot fired by the heroic armed congregant (who used his sights and pressed the trigger carefully) was instantly effective, which suggests it struck the perpetrator in the head.

His pistol was a Sig P229, in 357 Sig. Brand of ammunition unknown.

Follow-up shots were apparently unnecessary.

Range was at least ten meters, so this is a competent Operator!

Identity of the now-deceased perpetrator has not been released, but it has been confirmed he is a no-good, with an extensive arrest record.

His motivation, and affiliation with DSMs (Deviate Social Movements), if any, has not yet been commented upon.


In the aftermath of these two incidents, our leftist media is already spinning events so as to manufacture complete harmony with their Marxist agenda!

Their “villains” are always predictable!

The “root cause” is always reported as White Supremacy, The Gun Lobby, Deplorables, Chick-fil-a, and of course DJT!

To them, good and evil, truth and falsehood, are “relative”

When terrorists are Islamic and/or illegal immigrants, ideology and religion are never mentioned, as that would be “racist!”

Thus, as these events continue (as they surely will), and bloated gas-bags in the media and politics, safe and secure behind legions of heavily-armed bodyguards, nonchalantly debate whether or not our lives are of any value, as individuals we need to make critical decisions with regard to our own continued good health!

When genuine evil comes your way (evil, the very existence of which, is continuously denied by the left), will it be chairs and coffee-tables, or loaded guns?

The choice is yours!

Make it, while you still can!

“We’ll have lower and lower horizons imposed upon us, until we all find ourselves in 400 square-foot squalid, government-owned, apartments, in high-rise ghettos, while our pampered, dynastic, ruling aristocracy rides in limousines with armies of heavily-armed guards, and soars the stratosphere in Gulfstream IIs, looking down on us suspiciously, making sure we’re not ‘harming the planet.’”