2 Dec 19

Narwhal Tusk!

Not surprisingly, the British media is making much today of the famous “Narwhal Tusk” that played a role in Friday’s Islamic terrorist attack on London Bridge.

They are making it all into a new “London Bridge Legend!”

And yet, imagine for a moment that history were different, and the words “Narwhal Tusk” in news reports were replaced with “Browning HP35 9mm Pistol.”

Imagine that this knife-wielding Islamic terrorist on London Bridge had this time been incisively stopped-cold by several 9mm bullets, precisely launched by a righteous British subject who was there and carrying a concealed Browning High Power!

Imagine, because this righteous British subject was there, armed, alert, skilled, and decisive, that this terrorist attack had been quickly terminated, with awesome finality, before innocents could be harmed!

Imagine that the current British government actually trusted its loyal subjects, in such grievous circumstances, to take decisive, individual, unilateral action, upon their own summary command and judgment, instead of waiting helplessly for police to arrive, as innocent people are wantonly murdered!

Would the starry-eyed press, there and here, now be posting fawning, sycophantic tributes to John Browning’s famous pistol, that saw decades of faithful service in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces?

Of course not!

The smug, liberal media would either:

1. Impose a black-out on the story, refusing to report it, because of the silent “rule” in the leftist media that guns, particularly privately-owned guns, are never to be portrayed in a positive manner.

2. Point out where this righteous subject/citizen could have done it better, so that their precious Islamic terrorist, whom they fawn-over endlessly, would not have been hurt.

3. Demand that innocent gun-owning citizens/subjects be thrown into prison, as violent criminals are let out!

Why else do we see ever-recurring, hysterical, tear-jerking governmental apologies automatically issued whenever British “Specialist Firearms Officers” righteously shoot a violent criminal?

“The tone and tendency of liberalism is to attack institutions of the country (specifically Judeo/Christian values) under the name of ‘reform’ and to make war on manners and customs of the people, under the pretext of ‘progress.’”

Benjamin Disraeli