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Political Violence!

30 June 19 “The most dangerous myth is the demagoguery that business can be made to pay taxes at progressively higher rates, thus ‘relieving the individual taxpayer.’ Politicians preaching this are either deliberately dishonest, or economically illiterate, and either should scare us. Only people pay taxes! People pay, as consumers, every tax imposed upon business.” […]


29 June 19 The indestructible, ubiquitous Kalashnikov: With “Sleepy Joe” naively predicting that, as president, he’ll make “smart guns” the only kind available (even though none exist, nor have ever existed), while simultaneously causing all other guns to magically dematerialize, it none-the-less seems there is no shortfall of “regular guns” everywhere else in the world, […]

Indoor Ranges

25 June 19 Indoor Ranges “Booths” on most indoor pistol ranges are there to “organize” the range. Particularly with commercial ranges, booths separate individual shooters and allow each to shoot his own exercises, irrespective of what other shooters are doing. There is also usually a table conveniently in front of each shooter, upon which he […]

Technology and Warfare!

20 June 19 “You have to persuade enough people to buy your product, in order to get the price low enough, to persuade enough people to buy your product!” Axiom of Capitalism Western technology makes a surprise debut in Eastern Europe: The Siege of Pleven (present-day Plevna, Bulgaria), 20 July 1877 through 10 Dec 1877, […]

You’re on Your Own!

18 June 19 “Why not prepare armed police to a higher level of tactical trauma training, instead of trying to protect unarmed paramedics?” Michael Heron, CEO of Pangolin Group in the UK, in reply to criticism of the slow and timid response of paramedics to the 3 June 17 “London Bridge Attack” During this particular […]

Silent Killer!

13 June 19 “Gun-Free Zones,” the “Silent Killer” of our generation! Misrepresentation of guns and gun-owners by leftist politicians, and in liberal media articles, is rampant and acutely dishonest. Guns are always “high-powered,” “automatic,” and “high-capacity.” Small-arms ammunition is “explosive.” All guns are “assault weapons” and “preferred by criminals.” Honest gun-owners are ever “paranoid,” “unstable,” […]

Full Circle!

10 June 19 Full Circle: Self-loading military rifles had been in development in Western Civilization since before WWI! In fact, their war-winning potential had been clearly envisioned by those in the know since the invention of “smokeless” propellant by the French in the 1880s. When WWI broke-out in 1914, immediate demand by the world’s armies […]

FBI Ammunitiion Update

6 June 19 This from friends at the FBI: “You observation that the Bureau often changes its mind with regard to pistol ammunition is all too accurate! The Speer Gold Dot G2 147gr ammunition you cited in your Quip has already been superceded! Our current issue is Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +p. It is the […]

“Barrier Blind?”

5 June 19 “When you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.” Eric Shinseki Currently, with serious pistol ammunition, 9mm is “King,” as we all know. The FBI recently selected a 147gr HP 9mm round as the “official issue-round” for their Glock pistols. Of course with the FBI, the “official issue-round” has historically never […]

9mm Ammunition for Serious Purposes

4 June 19 Ammunition performance: In PA last weekend, during a DTI Urban Rifle Course, we had the opportunity to test terminal performance of high-performance pistol ammunition on blocks of ten-percent gelatin. My long-time friend, Mike Shovel, currently sales manager for Cor-Bon, made all this possible. Mike has been in the serious ammunition business longer […]

DTI Online Course Registration

2 June 19 DTI Web Page credit-card Course Registration System is “under repair” Our Course Registration System, where you can sign-up for any of our Courses at our Web Page at, has been down for several days, owing to a problem, the nature of which is far beyond my Earth-bound understanding! In any event, […]