30 June 19

“The most dangerous myth is the demagoguery that business can be made to pay taxes at progressively higher rates, thus ‘relieving the individual taxpayer.’

Politicians preaching this are either deliberately dishonest, or economically illiterate, and either should scare us.

Only people pay taxes!

People pay, as consumers, every tax imposed upon business.”

Ronald Reagan

Two nights of Democrat/socialist presidential candidates “debating,” and here is what I heard:

1. Twenty anxious aspirants, trying desperately to “out-socialist” each other!

2. Not one of these aspiring US presidents has ever held a real job, ever earned an honest dime, nor ever actually produced anything of value. All are wealthy career politicians. All can be said to be (painfully) “economically illiterate!” All thus look down their effete liberal noses at beleaguered American citizens who actually do go to real work every day, and do produce something of value.

3. Open borders for all. Let them all come in, without delay and without limit. All will be encouraged to then vote in our elections, as voter-fraud (long openly promoted by Democrats) will be “de-criminalized.” Illegal aliens will now choose our politicians!

4. Free health care for all illegal immigrants, but not for tax-paying American citizens!

5. “Cancel” all student debt. In fact, cancel all debt! Why should anyone pay for anything? Free stuff for all!

6. Illegal entry to our Country will be “de-criminalized,” but private ownership of guns by American citizens will be “re-criminalized!” Gun ownership by Americans was banned by the British 243 years ago. Glorious victory during our Revolutionary War, and our resultant Constitution, “de-criminalized” private gun ownership by Americans. Democrat/socialists (every single one of them) long to go back to the old British system!

7. Dead migrants are a national tragedy, but murdered Americans merit not the slightest mention.

8. Convicted violent felons currently confined to prisons should all vote! Democrats will presumably conduct campaign events from inside prisons. Violent convicts, now join illegal aliens, as a “voting block,” openly courted by Democrats!

9. And of course, DJT is a capitalist bastard!

What concerns me about the sanguinary rhetoric of this self-righteous collection of socialist snobs is that it will translate into unprecedented political violence between now and November of 2020, along the Marxist/Leninist pattern. In other words, it will not be “spontaneous!”

Political violence used to be confined to third-world countries.

Not any more!

“Liberals profess to ‘love the poor.’

They just don’t like the smell of the poor!”