29 June 19

The indestructible, ubiquitous Kalashnikov:

With “Sleepy Joe” naively predicting that, as president, he’ll make “smart guns” the only kind available (even though none exist, nor have ever existed), while simultaneously causing all other guns to magically dematerialize, it none-the-less seems there is no shortfall of “regular guns” everywhere else in the world, even in places where they’re “banned,” and have been for decades.

Take the AK, for example:

AKs have been manufactured (starting in the USSR, but today in dozens, probably hundreds, of other nations) since 1948. There have been over 200 (mostly indistinguishable) variants of the original AK design manufactured between then and now, in Russia alone.

Over the past seventy years, millions of AKs have also been manufactured in factories in China, Bulgaria, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, North Korea, Turkey, Sudan, Venezuela, the USA, et al, as well as in tiny workshops, unofficial and unlicensed, from Pakistan, to South Africa, to the Philippines.

Millions were never serialized, and are thus untraceable.

Of the ones that are serialized, over a hundred-million have likely been produced. The actual figure may well be twice or three times that!

They’ve been imported/smuggled into, and can be currently found in, literally every nation on Earth!

Of all the AKs ever produced, virtually one-hundred percent are still fully-functional and eminently useable!

Fighters in all parts of the world daily rely upon their AKs, still perfectly functional, built in the early 1950s, even late 1940s, long before most of the people carrying them were born!

Not even counted in the foregoing are Israeli Galils, Finnish Valmets, South African R4s, and a host of others which are little more than knock-offs of the original AK, also found worldwide.

Despite adolescent pronouncements by sleazemaster politicians, like Sleepy Joe, that threats to your personal safety are “overblown,” and that therefore you don’t “need” guns, he curiously doesn’t take that same attitude toward threats to his own safety, does he now?

“Old-school small arms,” like the AK, are everywhere, have audaciously defied naive “bans,” and are hardly “obsolete.”

In fact, they probably never will be!

The wise keep them around!

In the hands of the well-trained, they still get the job done.

Oh yeah!

“An ‘air of intelligence’ can be conveyed at small risk, for all one need do is assert that the normal response to a particular phenomenon is ‘prejudiced.’

They (socialists) always begin by remarking that ‘It has too often been said…,’ and then go on to declare that reality is something quite different and has, at long last, been ‘discovered’ (by them, of course)!

When that strategy is applied to things that are evident and universally known, it will doubtless be ‘politically incorrect’ to acknowledge that a lion is a carnivore and that he is not safe to meet.”

Frithjof Schuon