18 June 19

“Why not prepare armed police to a higher level of tactical trauma training, instead of trying to protect unarmed paramedics?”

Michael Heron, CEO of Pangolin Group in the UK, in reply to criticism of the slow and timid response of paramedics to the 3 June 17 “London Bridge Attack”

During this particular Islamic terrorist attack in the UK, paramedics did not reach most of the seriously injured for three hours after the attack began, even though all terrorists themselves had been shot to death by armed police long before.

As a result, many victims, including unarmed police officers, had long-since bled to death from stab wounds before anyone got to them.

At the Columbine, CO attack of 20 Apr 1999, and the Las Vegas, NV attack of 1 Oct 17, we witnessed much the same thing.

All fatalities received their fatal wounds in the space of the first ten minutes!

The problem with Mr Heron’s wistful suggestion is that armed police, no matter when they arrive, will be far too busy with a rapidly-evolving and mostly unknown tactical situation to be able to stop what they’re doing and deal with the wounded.

In fact, during the Las Vegas incident, most of the wounded who survived either evacuated themselves, or were helped to safety, not by police nor paramedics, but by other victims who were at the scene with them.

While public officials, here and in the UK, continue to struggle with this issue at their level, we peons need to think in advance about our individual strategy when we’re involuntarily caught-up in such an incident

1. These terrorist attacks will continue, and probably increase, for the duration of the foreseeable future. There will be no pause, nor let-up. “Avoidance” always represents a good personal policy, but even then there are no guarantees!

2. The best “first-aid” during any violent attack is to get precise gunfire on the perpetrator(s) quickly. So long as the murderer(s) is active, the wounded will continue to accumulate!

3. Tactical treatment of gunshot/stab wounds must be aggressive and immediate. Otherwise, it’s a moot point, as we’ve seen!

4. Individual Operators need to be constantly equipped with necessary gear and be well-trained in its use!

A: Concealed on your person:

High-powered pistol, loaded with high-performance, tactical ammunition

At least one fully-charged, spare magazine

Tactical knife

Tactical flashlight

Cell phone


IBD (Israeli Battle Dressing)

B: In your vehicle (or otherwise close by)

Military rifle, with at least a dozen fully-charged, normal-capacity magazines

Trauma kit(s)

Space Blanket(s)


Leatherman Tool (or similar)

You can make the “list” as long as you want, so the foregoing should be considered the “minimum” when you’re out and about in “Indian Country!”

In conclusion:

We’re plunging head-long into some exciting world history, and we’ll all be swept-up in it!

You’re on you own!