6 June 19

This from friends at the FBI:

“You observation that the Bureau often changes its mind with regard to pistol ammunition is all too accurate!

The Speer Gold Dot G2 147gr ammunition you cited in your Quip has already been superceded!

Our current issue is Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +p. It is the first +p round issued by the FBI to my knowledge.

Our testing has persuaded us this round is a good choice for our purposes.

However, as you observed, our interests here at the Bureau are not exactly parallel with those of non-LEO concealed carriers, nor even with those of other LEO agencies and departments.

We have what we think are good reasons for selecting the ammunition we use. We base our choices on historical data, exhaustive testing, current projections, and a thousand other factors, many unique to us.

Every agency, and every non-LEO concealed carrier, needs to carefully examine their own situation, history, and data, even do some of their own testing, and then select from what is currently available which round(s) best serves their interests.

The selection process, as we all know so well, will invariably be represented by unavoidable trade-offs!

Our ultimate choice can be accurately described as “the best compromise currently available”

As you observed, when new technology and new thinking on the subject emerge, we have to keep up and keep current!”

I couldn’t have said it better!

My sincere thanks to good friends at the Bureau for updating me.