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28 Aug 18 “Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers, but to be fearless when facing them.” Rabindranath Tagore USMC “Poolies” Last weekend here in CO, we conducted a live-fire Program in the serious use of military rifles. Attendees were all young USMC “Poolies.” Who have been enrolled by local USMC recruiters, and […]


27 Aug 18 “‘Evil’ is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans” Liberal Mantra Who believe that, (1) don’t “get out” much, and (2) needn’t imagine they’ll die of old age! Those of us who have seen evil, at close range, know how “real” it is, and we’re all […]

Young Wolfhounds

24 Aug 18 “War will find us, whether we are ready or not.” Churchill Successful Outcomes! The American law-enforcement community, including the FBI, is now admitting that the recent history of terrorism clearly shows that the best deterrent, by far, is armed citizens! Many, probably most, American citizens who own guns and go armed at […]

Armed Teachers

23 Aug 18 Armed Teachers, Revisited: Current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is floating the idea (for the first time, so long as anyone can recall) of local school districts being allowed to use federal funds to purchase guns and firearms training for school personnel, including RSOs (RSO funding usually comes out of school finances, […]

Snubby’s Influence!

20 Aug 18 A Snubby’s Influence: … from a friend and veteran of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement: “Back in the 1960s, I was a young Army officer, fresh out of college and fresh out of my military training. I had two months off while I waited for my first assignment. I ended-up in the […]

“We’re doing this for your own good,” and other lies!

15 Aug 18 Frauds and Liars: As our midterm election season approaches, the traditional, hard-left, anti-gun stance of the Democrat Party is being ruthlessly enforced upon all Democrat candidates. All running for office on the Democrat ticket are expected to fall in line on this issue! But, when asked about individual rights protected by our […]


14 Aug 18 Cruise the Caribbean? Due to political instability in rapidly-disintegrating Venezuela, as well as in Haiti and Nicaragua, the northern coast of South America, and the entire Caribbean, are becoming increasingly dangerous places to travel. I’ve previously editorialized that it is only a matter of time before heavily-armed, modern-day Caribbean pirates move from […]

FS 7.62×51

8 Aug 18 FS/7.62×51 Rifle Update: The first eight Farnam Signature 7.62×51 Rifles are now “in production,” and will be delivered to their new owners within the next ninety days! These FS fighting rifles are based on the wonderful POF Revolution Rifle, and crafted, tuned, test-fired, and sighted-in by Master Gunsmith, Keith Everett, in Albuquerque, […]

Freudian Slip

7 Aug 18 “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” Joe Stalin Freudian Slip! A Democrat city councilman in CA (Jesse Dominguez from Santa Barbara), piously defending that city’s recent criminalization of the use of plastic straws, inadvertently revealed his, […]


3 Aug 18 Gun-free Utopia? “The ‘Final Struggle’ will be between Communists and ex-Communists” Silone Here in Colorado, Democrat Congressional candidates, particularly from liberal enclaves (Denver, Boulder, et al), are not shying-away from a public anti-gun agenda. Well, not exactly! They are most assuredly, and overtly, anti-YOUR-guns. Not in dispute! Yet, like leftists everywhere, they […]


1 Aug 18 Follow-up on Military Rifle Calibers: Much comment on this subject: 224 Valkyrie and 6.5 Creedmore are currently all the rage among long-distance, recreational shooters, but will just burn-up barrels in heavy-use, autoloading rifles, particularly in LMGs. And, out of short barrels, which the Pentagon likes, most advantages of these skinny screamers is […]

New Military Caliber

1 Aug 18 Caliber Controversy! After decades of piously assuring us the 5.56×45 round was “adequate” for military purposes, despite mounting complaints (unsatisfactory range and penetration), dating back to Vietnam, the Pentagon has apparently finally changed its mind! In spite of a dreary series of failed “wonder bullets” that have, every few years, come forth […]