23 Aug 18

Armed Teachers, Revisited:

Current Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is floating the idea (for the first time, so long as anyone can recall) of local school districts being allowed to use federal funds to purchase guns and firearms training for school personnel, including RSOs (RSO funding usually comes out of school finances, not the police department’s budget)!

Under the current “system” in many states, armed teachers and school administrators is an idea that is drearily rejected by much of the leftist “educational community.”

However, in some states (like CO) school personnel, including teachers, are being quietly armed and trained, with scant objection from even otherwise rabidly anti-gun liberals.

Most, even liberals, can see that immediate, and competent, armed resistance to campus invaders looking to do harm is the only effective means of reducing casualties during lethal attacks on schools.

Police response, no matter how fast, is not nearly as effective, as we’ve repeatedly seen.

Even professing liberals have “Well, Duh!” moment now and then!

I have students who are teachers in liberal states where there is no chance (at least currently) of officially arming and training school personnel. These teachers go armed every day, while going about their teaching duties. Their guns are well-concealed, of course. School administrators “know about it,” but are quiescently happy to have armed teachers around!

Of course, those same administrators can’t “officially” be aware that some of their teachers are armed, because in order to keep their jobs, they have to be able to maintain “plausible denyability,” particularly when an armed teacher actually shoots a school invader and thus saves the lives of many children.

That awkward and uncomfortable “system” is the best they can do under existing “gun-free school” dogma imposed by hypocritical liberal politicians (from behind their army of heavily-armed bodyguards).

So, I’m not sure Betsy’s idea is such a bad one!

Doubtless, she’ll be roundly censured by liberals, who will self-righteously condemn the very idea of guns, while hiding their own!

“Hypocrisy cannot be forgiven, because ‘repentance’ for a hypocrite, is itself hypocrisy.”