20 Aug 18

A Snubby’s Influence:

… from a friend and veteran of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement:

“Back in the 1960s, I was a young Army officer, fresh out of college and fresh out of my military training. I had two months off while I waited for my first assignment.

I ended-up in the State of Alabama, in the company of a bunch of Quakers, who were trying to mediate conversations between opposing camps.

One night, as we were all gathered in a rented home making plans for the following day, a car-full of local KKK wanna-bes drove around the house firing shotguns into the air. I heard a half-dozen shots.

They also tossed at least one poorly-constructed Molotov Cocktail at the house. I landed in the grass and never broke (as it was supposed to). The small fire quickly burned itself out and did no damage, save for a singe-mark on the lawn!

The car departed after ten minutes, and the balance of the evening was quiet.

With my six-shot Colt Detective Special in hand, I went out to confront them, but they were already gone.

But, they returned the following evening for a repeat-performance. This time I went out again.

Upon seeing me, they departed. I don’t know if they could see the revolver in my hand or not.

The third evening, I was waiting for them in the bushes. When the arrived and drove past me, shouting obscenities and pointing guns out the windows of the car, I fired six rounds into their trunk and rear bumper!

They departed immediately!

They next evening, and the next six, they never returned!

Two weeks later, we were in a different location, again in a rented house, and the same thing happened!

This time, I was waiting for them on the first night!

Again, their car ended-up with six bullet-holes in the trunk and rear bumper.

They did not come back the second night for a return-engagement!

Never saw them again!

Of course, back then I was young and foolish!

But, I never forgot the lesson inherent in these episodes:

Bullies and thugs, no matter what side of the political spectrum they profess to be on, are sleazy cowards.

When anyone (particularly the armed, trained, and determined) stands up to them, they break and run.”


Armed resistance is effective in assisting evil-doers to see things in a different light and subsequently “come to repentance”

Nothing else is!

Evil-doers have an easy time of it only with unarmed victims, especially VBCs (Victims by Choice).