3 Aug 18

Gun-free Utopia?

“The ‘Final Struggle’ will be between Communists and ex-Communists”


Here in Colorado, Democrat Congressional candidates, particularly from liberal enclaves (Denver, Boulder, et al), are not shying-away from a public anti-gun agenda.

Well, not exactly!

They are most assuredly, and overtly, anti-YOUR-guns.

Not in dispute!

Yet, like leftists everywhere, they simultaneously manufacture a “special class of citizens,” out of themselves, declaring their “absolute right” to have an veritable armory of guns continuously protecting them (as yours are confiscated)!

And, they oh-so piously defend their contemptible hypocrisy, as if they were defending their inheritance!

What they are really saying:

“We get to have guns.

You don’t!

Our lives are important.

Yours aren’t!

There is no limit to the amount of your money we are willing to spend, protecting ourselves.

Conversely, you don’t deserve protection.

We won’t (indeed can’t) protect you, and we refuse to allow you to protect yourselves.

Because, you’re just so many ‘victims,’ expendable and readily-replaceable!

Get used to it!

And, vote for us too, although that really doesn’t matter any more, because there are plenty of illegals whose votes we can bribe (with your money).”

“In the course of modern history, armed Communists have imprisoned, tortured, and murdered millions of anti-Communists, who had been previously disarmed!

Look at Nicaragua and Venezuela. They are currently suffering this exact agenda.

That’s what leftists/socialists have in mind for all who naively support them, only to be disillusioned later, after it’s too late!”


We all need to think about the foregoing as Democrats sing the “You’re too stupid to own a gun” refrain, over and over.

“In times of disorder, fanatics play a prominent role. In times of peace, it is critics. Both are shot the day after the Revolution!

Edmund Wilson