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Readiness Follow-up

28 Apr 17 More on “Readiness” In making the point about the importance of personal readiness in my last Quip, I didn’t intend to convey the impression that I teach students, during an emergency, to carefully adjust sights, stocks and slings, nor to sling-up, all prior to putting effective fire on threat(s)! When the rifle […]


27 Apr 17 “Willingness is a state of mind. Readiness is a statement of fact!” First heard (by me) in Marine Corps OCS, Quantico, VA, 1967. The definition of “security” is: “Whatever you have with you at the moment, and how smoothly and incisively you can put it all into action it to make things […]

Guns are Dangerous!

26 Apr 17 “Unlikely” doesn’t translate to “Impossible!” From a friend and colleague: ‘Last week on our outdoor range, while setting-up a pistol (G19) for a stoppage-reduction drill, it unexpectedly discharged when the instructor released the slide. No fingers anywhere near the trigger. Of course, this pistol was pointed down-range. The cartridge case in question […]

Security Theater!

26 Apr 17 Still unarmed! What will it take? This from a friend attending a graduation at one of our big military bases last week: “When arriving on base entry gate, no one checked my ID, nor IDs of people accompanying me. Uniformed Army gate-guards had no rifles slung, nor side-arms. The only visibly armed […]


20 Apr 17 “Pacifism is merely cowardice, masquerading as ‘piety’” Anon Paranoid grass-eaters really don’t trust anyone! These comments from a friend who is a federal special agent: “Just returned from DC. Nearly every government facility in DC, and many private facilities as well, have ‘walk-through’ magnetometers at entrances. ‘Security,’ more correctly ‘security theater,’is big […]

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

19 Apr 17 “The goal of Socialism is Communism.” Vladimir Ulyanov (Vladimir Lenin) “Gun Control,” Down South: Five years ago, shortly after he took power in Venezuela, self-proclaimed Socialist, Nicolas Maduro, precipitously outlawed all private ownership of guns, as well as transfers of guns. All privately-owned guns were to be immediately “turned-in.” Few were! Shouting, […]

Terrorism Du Jour!

18 Apr 17 “My fathers were Warriors. Their son is a Warrior. From them, I take my only existence.” Tecumseh Here we ago again! Today, yet another radical Islamic spree killer, yelling “Allahu Akbar,” goes on yet another murdering rampage in gun-hating, liberal CA. He was finally tackled to the ground and taken into custody, […]


17 Apr 17 “Your body won’t go where your mind has never been” Training Axiom Sharpshooters and Snipers: The American Revolutionary War pitted Colonial frontiersmen against British Regulars. “Regulars” in all armies of the day were issued smooth-bore muskets. Projectiles were round balls, not very accurate (at least by today’s standards), but reloading was much […]


13 Apr 17 Embarrassing Truth! Since the fatal attack outside the British Parliament two weeks ago, visibly armed police are now posted at every entrance. An embarrassingly quiet “policy change” that came too late for Keith Palmer! The real reason Officer Keith Palmer, unarmed at the time, was murdered by a knife-wielding Islamic terrorist? A […]

Canik TP9SF/Elite

10 Apr 17 Canik TP9SF/Elite I’ve been carrying my copy of the Canik TP9SF/Elite pistol (imported by Century Arms) for several months. I’ve used it to demonstrate techniques at a number of Courses, and my Instructors and students have shot it extensively, with all kinds of ammunition. Frankly, there is little not to like. No […]

Bullet Migration in 9mm Revolvers

4 Apr 17 “Bullet-jump” with light-weight revolvers, particularly those chambered for 9mm: Last weekend, during a Defensive Handgun Course, a student brought a Ruger five-shot revolver, chambered in 9mm. During an exercise, shooting factory 115gr hardball from a well-known and reputable manufacturer, a bullet jumped forward far enough to protrude from the face of the […]