13 Apr 17

Embarrassing Truth!

Since the fatal attack outside the British Parliament two weeks ago, visibly armed police are now posted at every entrance. An embarrassingly quiet “policy change” that came too late for Keith Palmer!

The real reason Officer Keith Palmer, unarmed at the time, was murdered by a knife-wielding Islamic terrorist?

A Parliament spokesman sheepishly admitted:

“We thought guns would ruin tourist photos!”

I wish I were surprised!

In 1917, during the the Bolshevik Revolution, the entire Russian Royal Family was abducted, and ultimately murdered, by Communists. It was all done in secret, a Communist MO, but the truth eventually leaked out. In fact, Czar Nicolas had previously pleaded with the British king (the two royal families were inter-married) for safe passage for him and his family to, and refuge in, England. He was turned down, insuring his eventual murder, and a noted above, the murder of his entire family.

When these murders were confirmed and became widely known, it frightened the snot out of every royal family in Europe, including England, who had visions of the same thing happening to them!

That was the beginning of the “gun control” movement in Europe, and particularly in the UK.

When hoards of peons “stormed the castle with torches and pitchforks,” royalty wanted to be sure they were all confined to torches and pitchforks, while the “royal guard” had pistols, rifles, and machine guns!

Indeed, Czar Nicolas himself had surely demonstrated the effectiveness of that particular arms imbalance in St Petersburg in 1905!

Now, a century later, British politicians, after arrogantly bragging about their unarmed police for decades, are having to admit (in practice, if not in words) that they have been wrong all this time, and Officer Palmer, along with countless others, have paid the ultimate price for their smug vanity.

Yes, it appears now that tourists will be taking lots of photos of British police who are visibly armed!

I’m sure that upsets many snobbish, and comfortable, politicians. However, those same politicians will be receiving scant sympathy for Palmer’s family, and from families of so many other police and soldiers (not to mention civilians), who have been murdered while unarmed.

When self-proclaimed members of the “ruling class” demonstrably care so little about their own police, one can only wonder how much they care about us “peons!”

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his own deception, the one who casually lies, with sincerity”

Andre Gide