19 Apr 17

“The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

Vladimir Ulyanov (Vladimir Lenin)

“Gun Control,” Down South:

Five years ago, shortly after he took power in Venezuela, self-proclaimed Socialist, Nicolas Maduro, precipitously outlawed all private ownership of guns, as well as transfers of guns. All privately-owned guns were to be immediately “turned-in.”

Few were!

Shouting, “We are going to bring disarmament and peace,” Interior Minister Nestor Reverol has since staged a number of Stalinist-style gun-confiscation events, to the cheers of anti-gun politicians around the world, including some here in the USA.

Now, just five years later, Maduro, labeling all political opponents “imperialist aggressors,” has decided to reverse himself and actually start issuing military small arms to untrained civilians, but only to his supporters, whom he has now promoted to the rank of “Militiamen!”

“A gun for every ‘Militiaman,’” he is now saying (with a straight face), doing a wonderful imitation of Mussolini, who did the identical thing.

This newly-formed army of modern-day “Blackshirts” will, of course, be expected to threaten, intimidate, herd into gulags, and ultimately murder all who fail to adulate Maduro and his every move.

Who hesitate, will quickly find themselves on the “wrong side” of the political fence!

Are we paying attention?

The foregoing is where the wet-dream of “gun-control” fits-in with overall objectives of all crypto-Marxists. It always ends-up in the same place!

Only naive liberals claim (falsely) to be “surprised.” The rest of us surely aren’t!

“The worst enemies of new radicals are old liberals!”

Lenin, again