20 Apr 17

“Pacifism is merely cowardice, masquerading as ‘piety’”


Paranoid grass-eaters really don’t trust anyone!

These comments from a friend who is a federal special agent:

“Just returned from DC.

Nearly every government facility in DC, and many private facilities as well, have ‘walk-through’ magnetometers at entrances. ‘Security,’ more correctly ‘security theater,’is big business in our nation’s capital!

I’m a senior, active-duty federal agent (of many years). I an cleared ‘top-secret,’ and I routinely fly armed on commercial airlines. And yet, I am required to disarm at half the places I go in DC!

Federal special agents are required to disarm upon entering federal buildings. It is beyond infuriating!

As you can imagine, in DC there is no dearth of protesters, vagrants, derelicts, aggressive panhandlers. It is certainly no place I, nor any intelligent person, would choose to go unarmed!

I was tasked with putting-together a security detail on behalf of a visiting dignitary. The federal building across the street from mine, which is on our list of places to visit, does not allow anyone, other than certain deputy US Marshals, to carry weapons inside the building.

So, I called them to advise that this dignitary’s personal security detail would not be relinquishing our weapons. The operator casually replied, ‘What are you guys worried about? This building is safe!’

The nonchalant attitude embedded within that reply made it even more important for us all to remain armed, all the time we were there!

Employing my best diplomatic acumen, I was able to negotiate a one-time ‘special privilege,’ but our entourage must still be ‘escorted’ by a deputy US Marshal while we’re there. What his purpose will be has never been explained!

In most of the rest of the Country, federal agents, and all LEOs, routinely go armed, everywhere. Even before President Bush signed LEOSA in 2004, going armed at all times on the part of LEOs was assumed to be an obligation. Went with the profession. ‘Professional Courtesy ’ was always extended, from one LEO to another, no matter where we were from, even prior to 2004.

Today, guns, LEOs, and our Second Amendment are so hated by leftist politicians and left-leaning bureaucrats, even within my agency, that they have pointlessly made routinely going armed ever more difficult and inconvenient, particularly in DC, as noted above.”

Comment: As I’ve often said,

“Sheep don’t trust sheepdogs any more than they trust wolves!”

Our system of government was once characterized by a special trust and confidence, proudly bestowed upon all who serve, LEOs as well as military officers and staff NCOs. It was a privilege, and burden, we all willingly assumed. Then, pretentiously intolerant liberals started denigrating all acts of legitimate self-defense, particularly those involving gunfire, in an attempt to sanctimoniously claim for themselves “moral superiority.”

Today, paranoia is king. No one trusts anyone. As a result, all manner of stupid, illogical “rules” are in place, as noted above.

Along with so many other half-witted rules and regulations, DJT needs to rip these out!

Whenever I hear, “Don’t worry. You’re safe here,” I surreptitiously confirm my pistols are in place!

“To you who call yourselves ‘men of peace,’ I say, you are not safe without men of action by your side”