26 Apr 17

Still unarmed!

What will it take?

This from a friend attending a graduation at one of our big military bases last week:

“When arriving on base entry gate, no one checked my ID, nor IDs of people accompanying me.

Uniformed Army gate-guards had no rifles slung, nor side-arms. The only visibly armed personnel were a gaggle of ageing, overweight private security guards. They stayed in the background.

All uniformed military personnel on base were unarmed.

We were casually “wanded” at the parade ground, by a private security guard. However, while sitting on the bleachers I observed many folks who walked in from a different direction without being stopped, nor wanded.”

Comment: Another Ft Hood incident is just a whim away!

When it happens, those up the food-chain, performing an excellent Three-Stooges imitation, will make a few pitiable speeches, scurry about establishing a few new high-profile but meaningless “security measures” (none of which will involving arming anyone), which will amount to little more that deceitful “security theater,” inconveniencing only those who don’t represent a threat.

In a few months, it will all quietly fall away, and we’ll be back where we started!

It seems we never learn, because we don’t want to learn!

It apparently needs to get a lot worse before anyone wakes up!