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27 Oct 16 Hunting in OH! Yesterday, Vicki and I were in the middle of our annual hunting adventure at Shawnee Ridge in OH ( Using her Robar Polymar AR (“VF” model), equipped with an Aimpoint T1, and 53gr Cor-Bon DPX ammunition (5.56×45), Vicki brought down a mature Painted Desert Sheep with a single shot! […]

Failure, by Choice!

21 Oct 16 “In a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom!” Terry Pratchett This from a student and colleague, who works with a state agency: “Assisted at our state police academy for the past few days. It was like entering a time machine! Techniques are all thirty years out-of-date. Never […]

“Tinkering” with Lives!

20 Oct 16 NY State: Throughout NYS, a new requirement under the infamous NYSAFE Act (passed by Democrats in the middle of the night), is that all current state pistol permit holders must now laboriously re-register all handguns, this time directly with the State Police. Keep in mind that every one of these handguns is […]

More on Rifles

19 Oct 16 Follow-up on Rifle and Gear, from a Friend and Colleague: “Fifteen years ago, when we had ten AR’s in a Class, at least half would be dead-lined by the middle of the first day! No longer the case! Modern ARs, from any quality manufacturer (STS, BCM, LaRue, Doublestar, DSA, S&W, Anderson, Warrior […]

Rifle Errors!

18 Oct 16 “It’s not occasional ‘great shots’ that save you. It’s persistent ‘little mistakes’ that kill you!” H Green Rifle-Handling Errors: At our Urban Rifle (Carbine) Courses, most students bring ARs, as you might imagine, but we see dozens of other types/brands, some of which I was heretofore only marginally aware, so many are […]

Ready, or Not?

12 Oct 16 This account of the recent, famous, and failed jewelry-story robbery in TX, from a friend close to the source: “Four armed VCAs decided to rob a local jewelry store in a neighboring jurisdiction, in daylight. Two owners, who were in the store at the time, spotted the robbery suspects as they exited […]

VP9 Comments

11 Oct 16 H&K VP9 “flake” magazine-release alternate technique, from a friend and student: “I love H&K’s VP9’s magazine release system! The problem I’ve always had with Glocks (and some others) is that my strong-side thumb is too short to adequately depress the magazine release button on the left side of the frame, without significantly […]

Endless Riots!

10 Oct 16 Rioting, without end! Being “anti-police” is now “politically correct!” BHO, HRC and their BLM “movement” have created the nationwide anti-LE environment that recently caused a Chicago PD officer to decline to defend herself from a crazed, murderous attacker, with nearly fatal results. She was beaten to within an inch of her life. […]

Magazine-Release “Lever”

7 Oct 16 “Flake” Magazine-Release Lever: We’ve see a number of H&K’s Glock-like VP9 Pistols in Defensive Pistol Classes recently. All have run well, and the pistol’s ergonomics are pleasing. It represents a very acceptable carry-gun. However, one “feature” of the VP9 can be an issue, and that it the pistol’s ambidextrous magazine-release “lever.” Most […]


6 Oct 16 Who Really “Needs” Guns? With many of my friends and colleagues down in South FL currently dealing with Hurricane Matthew, some have reminded me: What the media is not reporting is the numerous criminal gangs who are staying behind with the intent of looting abandoned homes in the wake of the current […]

“Rental” Guns?

3 Oct 16 “For fear I have my gun to mend I am determined not to lend But you may do as I have done Pay down your cash and get a gun” Inscription from “The Litany Rifle” Maker Unknown, 1790 It is common for perspective students of our Art to inquire during the Course […]