21 Oct 16

“In a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom!”

Terry Pratchett

This from a student and colleague, who works with a state agency:

“Assisted at our state police academy for the past few days.

It was like entering a time machine!

Techniques are all thirty years out-of-date. Never any mention of actually fighting with a gun. Mostly what we did was prepare young officers to pass the very standard, and antiquated, ‘qualification course,’ which is also thirty years out-of-date.

In four days, students got only twelve house of productive training. The rest of the time was squandered!

‘Cold’ range:

Constant unnecessary unloading of guns and other unnecessary gun-handling, wasting time and dividing attention. Only unloaded guns allowed in holsters. Guns were locked-up when breaking for lunch. Heaven forbid we would eat while armed!


Students were sternly admonished never to do anything on their own initiative, but always to wait for command. Do nothing unless/until instructed to do so. Mind you, these are fully-sworn, uniformed officers, currently on patrol in marked patrol units, not folks that were hired yesterday.

Every drill had a predetermined number of rounds to be fired, in the prescribed amount of time, at the standard qualification target. Again, the subject of actually fighting with a gun was never mentioned.

No provision for remedial training, nor any other deviation from ‘the plan.’

There were many times when a group would finish an exercise a half-hour ahead of schedule. I suggested the extra time be used productively repeating the drill, or even dry-practice. I was told that is never allowed. Everyone must receive the exact-same instruction as everyone else. No deviation, ever!

In private, officers indicated they had no respect, professional nor personal, for their ‘instructors’ (who don’t even carry guns while on the range) and regarded them all as incompetent clowns who can’t cut it in the street.

I had to agree with them!”

Comment: This particular agency is more retarded that most, but the foregoing is exquisitely illustrative of the difference between private and public enterprise.

These “trainers” obviously don’t trust officers with guns, although those same officers carry guns every day while working. The moment they set foot on the range, officers are told, in so many words, they are not trusted, and that they are not there for any other purpose except to receive a check in the box next their name where it is listed on a roster, and also to provide gainful “employment” for a gaggle of ossified, otherwise unemployable, retired-in-place loafers!

When you contemptuously treat adults like children, they seldom disappoint!

When you treat adults with sneering disrespect, you will predictably receive it back, in spades!

What is described above is a quaint, self-serving institution, unchanged in thirty years, cranking-out a hopelessly out-of-date curriculum. Nothing that remotely resembles “training” takes place there!

These officers desperately need effective training on how to fight with guns. Instead, they are alternatively scared to death, then bored to death!

As we see, encrusted bureaucracies need to be shaken-up now and then, lest they forget who is working for whom!